Eastern Mojave Vegetation Inyo Forest Road 4N01, Mono County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  North-south along a powerline in eastern Mono Lake basin.

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Junction: Forest Road 3N101, into Deep Caņon to the east
  Junction: Forest Road 4N01A, angles west to north, following the power line.
  Junction: Forest Road 4N01D, east.

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Junction: Forest Road 4N01G, northeast up the fan to the area of patterned ground.

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Full Size ImagePowerline road just north of Deep Wells.  

View of powerline road going north.
  Junction: Forest Road 2N08, following the power line to the south.

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  • Forest Road 3N02 "Deep Wells Road", west to Dobie Meadows Road.
  • Forest Road 3N14, east to Huntoon Valley.
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