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 From Estes Park to the great plains.

Other articles: US Hwy 40 near Muddy Pass  

Junction: US Highway 40

Other articles: Colorado State Highway 125 at CO 14  

Junction: Colorado Highway 125, south.



Other articles: Colorado State Highway 125 at 6th

Locations: Walden.  


Junction: Main Street, Colorado Highway 125, north.
  Junction: McKinley Street
  Junction: Garfield Street
  Junction: Harrison Street
  Junction: 6th Street
  Junction: 7th Street
  Junction: County Road 17






State Forest State Park


Other articles: Colorado Transbasin Water Transfer Michigan Ditch

Locations: Cameron Pass.
Full Size ImageLocation of Michigan Ditch, Jackson County, Colorado  

Jackson County above
Cameron Pass, 10,249 ft. The Cameron Pass Ditch and Michigan Ditch, or Upper Michigan Ditch, cross Cameron Pass from south to north, diverting water into Joe Wright Creek from headwater streams of the Michigan River.
Larimer County below


Other articles: Colorado Transbasin Water Transfer Michigan Ditch

Locations: Joe Wright Reservoir.  

Joe Wright Reservoir

Water supply for the city of Fort Collins.

Other articles: Forest Road 156 at CO 14  

Junction: Forest Road 156 “Long Draw Road,” to Long Draw and La Poudre Pass.

Other articles: Laramie River Road at CO 14  

Junction: County Road 103, Laramie River Road

Locations: Joe Wright Creek.  

Junction of Joe Wright Creek into Cache la Poudre River.

Other articles: Colorado Transbasin Water Transfer Laramie Poudre Tunnel

Locations: Laramie Poudre Tunnel.
Full Size ImageLocation of Laramie-Poudre Tunnel, including Rawah and Lower Supply Ditch  

Outlet of the Laramie-Poudre tunnel.



Locations: Spencer Heights.  

Spencer Heights








Junction: County Road 69, north to Goodell Corner.


Locations: Eggers.  

Eggers Fishing Access Site


Other articles: County Road 63E near Eggers  

Junction: N Co Rd 63-E, “Pingree Road,”



Locations: Stove Prairie Landing.  

Stove Prairie Landing

Junction: County Road 27 “Stove Prairie Road,”, south to Stove Prairie, and eventually to Loveland.



Locations: Poudre Park.  

Poudre Park




Other articles: US Highway 287 at CO 14 W

Locations: Teds Place.
Full Size ImageGavel to come down on historic Ted's Place  

Teds Place

Junction: US Highway 287, north.
  Junction: Colorado Highway 1, north.



Other articles: US Highway 287 at CO 14 E

Locations: Fort Collins.  

Fort Collins

Junction: US Highway 287, College Avenue, south.

Other articles: US Interstate 25 36020  

Junction: US Interstate 25
  Junction: Colorado State Highway 257
  Junction: US Highway 85




Junction: State Highway 52
  Junction: State Highway 71, north.
  Junction: State Highway 71, south.
  Junction: South 4th Street, US Highway 6, one-way southwest.

Other articles: U. S. Highway 6 at CO 14  

Junction: South 3rd Street, US Highway 6, one-way northeast.




Literature Cited.

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