Eastern Mojave Vegetation Grand Canyon, Coconino County, Arizona.

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As an application of their criteria-based methodology for determining the mechanism of transverse drainage development, Douglass, et al. (2009) determined overflow as the mechanism for transverse drainage of the eastern portion of the Grand Canyon.

Elevation: 6886ft, 2099m.

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Species collected at or near this location:


Frasera albomarginata S. Watson.

Frasera speciosa Griseb. Elkweed


Undet.. Unknown


Allium nevadense S. Watson nevadense. Nevada Onion

Interesting collections made at or near this location:

  • Frasera albomarginata S. Watson
    • A. E. Hitchcock 48
    • Alice Eastwood 3781 9/26/1913
    • Alice Eastwood 5683
    • C. L. Hitchcock, Roland V. Rethke, and R. van Raadshooven 4513 8/5/1938
    • G. E. Osterhout 6977
    • Henry H. Rusby 0 8/20/1915
    • Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Ramsey 2860 10/15/1937
    • Joe Comstock 3.70900011062622 6/10/1942
    • J. Ricketson and J. Grant 1391 6/19/1984
    • K. F. Parker 6023 7/15/1946
    • K. F. Parker, E. McClintock, and G. T. Robbins 6181 8/14/1946
    • Marcus E. Jones 0 7/22/1920
    • Marcus E. Jones 0 6/14/1929
    • N. Brian 95207 7/26/1995
    • O. Degener 4417
    • V. Rattan 0
    • Wendy C. Hodgson, and Kate Watters 20375
  • Frasera speciosa Griseb.
    • T. F. Allen 8/1/1897
    • Wendy C. Hodgson 14816 9/1/2001
Total number of taxa: 4
Native Taxa:
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Exotic Taxa:
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Nativity Undetermined:
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Listed Weeds:
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