Eastern Mojave Vegetation Volcanic Tableland, Inyo County, California.

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See also: Fish Slough.

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Rampart of welded Bishop Tuff extending southeast from Long Valley into the Owens Valley north of Bishop.

Elevation: 4787ft, 1459m.

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  • Bureau of Land Management. 2007. Desert Vegetation on the Tableland. Bishop, California: Bureau of Land Management, Updated 4-27-2007. {TAS-PDF} http://www.blm.gov/ca/st/en/fo/bishop/bouldering/vegetation_b.html

Species collected at or near this location:


Lessingia lemmonii A. Gray. Lemmon's Lessingia


Artemisia spinescens D.C. Eaton. Bud Sagebrush


Xylorhiza tortifolia (Torr. & A. Gray) Greene. Mojave Woody Aster


Anisocoma acaulis Torr. & A. Gray. Scale Bud

Malacothrix glabrata A. Gray. Desert Dandelion



Layia glandulosa (Hook.) Hook. & Arn. White Daisy Tidy Tips


Tetradymia axillaris A. Nelson. Long-Spined Horse Brush


Amsinckia tessellata A. Gray. Bristly Fiddleneck

Cryptantha confertiflora (Greene) Payson. Basin Yellow Cryptantha

Cryptantha utahensis (A. Gray) Greene. Fragrant Forget-Me-Not

Nama aretioides (Hook. & Arn.) Brand. Sagebrush Nama


Lepidium flavum Torr. Yellow Pepperweed

Thelypodium laciniatum (Hook.) Endl. ex Walp. Cutleaf Thelypody


Atriplex canescens (Pursh.) Nutt. canescens. Four-wing Saltbush

Atriplex confertifolia (Torr. & Frém.) S. Watson. Shadscale Saltbush

Grayia spinosa (Hook.) Moq. Spiny Hop Sage

Krascheninnikovia lanata (Pursh) A. D. J. Meeuse & Smit. Winter Fat


Lupinus flavoculatus A. Heller. Yellow Eyes

Lupinus odoratus A. Heller. Mojave Lupine

Psorothamnus polydenius (S. Watson) Rydb. Nevada Dalea


Mentzelia albicaulis Hook. White-Stem Blazing Star

Mentzelia nitens Greene. Shining Blazing Star


Chylismia claviformis (Torr. & Frém.) A. A. Heller. Browneyes


Aliciella leptomeria (A. Gray) J.M. Porter. Sand Gilia

Eriastrum wilcoxii (A. Nelson) H. Mason. Wilcox's Woollystar

Gilia inyoensis I. M. Johnst.

Gilia sinuata Benth. Rosy Gilia

Linanthus aureus (Nutt.)E. Greene. Golden Linanthus

Linanthus dichotomus Benth. Evening Snow

Linanthus parryae (A. Gray) Greene. Sand Blossoms


Eriogonum davidsonii Greene. Davidson's Buckwheat

Eriogonum inflatum Torrey & Fremont. Desert Trumpet

Eriogonum nidularium Coville. Birdnest Buckwheat



Bromus madritensis L. rubens (L.) Husn. Red Brome

Bromus tectorum L. Cheat Grass


Stipa hymenoides Roem. & Schult. Indian Rice Grass

Stipa speciosa Trin. & Rupr. Desert Needle Grass

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