Eastern Mojave Vegetation Dechambeau Ponds, Mono County, California.


See also: County Ponds.

See also: Dechambeau Ranch. Hot Spring.

There are three ponds about a half mile east northeast of Dechambeau Ranch. Fed from a hot spring.

About a half mile south southeast are County Ponds.

Latitude: 38.05166 Longitude: -119.08453 ( decimal)
Elevation: 6440ft, 0m.

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  • Forest Road 02N19, Mono County, California: at pkg lot

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Species collected at or near this location:


Amaranthus californicus (Moq.) S. Watson. California Amaranth


Lepidium chalepense L.


Dysphania ambrosioides (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants.


Eremothera boothii (Douglas) W.L. Wagner & Hoch intermedia (Munz) W.L. Wagner & Hoch. Booth's Hairy Evening Primrose


Mimetanthe pilosa (Benth.) Greene. Downy False-Monkeyflower


Eriogonum ampullaceum J. T. Howell. Mono Buckwheat

Eriogonum spergulinum A. Gray reddingianum (M. E. Jones) J. T. Howell. Redding Buckwheat

Rumex lacustris Greene. Lake Willow Dock


Salix. Willow


Triglochin concinna Burtt Davy debilis (M. E. Jones) J. T. Howell. Marsh Arrowgrass

Triglochin maritima L. Seaside Arrowgrass

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