Eastern Mojave Vegetation Walker Lake, Mono County, California.

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See also: Bloody Canyon. Walker Creek (Lower).

See also: Walker Creek (Upper).

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Lake in Bloody Canyon. Named for William J. Walker, who settled on the land adjoining the lake in 1880. The name is often erronously connected with Joseph R. Walker (Gudde, 1969).

Sometimes also referred to as "Little Walker Lake," although Gudde (1969) does not mention this.

Elevation: 7936ft, 2419m.

Articles that refer to this location:

  • Forest Road 01S23 "Walker Lake Trailhead," Mono County, CA: at end
  • Field Notes: 2-Aug-07 23 Jun 2012
  • A Checklist Flora of the Mono Lake Basin, Mono County, California and Mineral County, Nevada.: near Walker Lk Seaside Heliotrope
  • Does Seaside Heliotrope (Heliotropium curvassicum L.) occur in the Mono Lake Basin?: 2 5

Literature Referring To This Location:

Area Plant Lists that contain this location:

Species collected at or near this location:


Osmorhiza occidentalis (Nutt.) Torr.



Artemisia rothrockii A. Gray. Timberline Sagebrush


Pyrrocoma apargioides (A. Gray) Greene. Alpine Flames

Symphytotrichum spathulatum (Lindl.) G. L. Nesom. Western Mountain Aster


Crepis acuminata Nutt. Tapertip Hawksbeard

Stephanomeria exigua Nutt. coronaria (Greene) Gottlieb. Whiteplume Wirelettuce


Cardamine breweri S. Watson. Brewer's Bittercress


Symphoricarpos rotundifolius A. Gray rotundifolius. Roundleaf Snowberry


Lupinus lepidus Douglas ex Lindl. confertus (Kellogg) C. P. Sm. Crowded Lupine

Trifolium monanthum A. Gray grantianum (A. Heller) J. M. Gillett. Mountain Carpet Clover

Trifolium wormskioldii Lehm. Cows Clover


Sidalcea oregana (Torr. & A. Gray) A. Gray spicata (Regel) C. L. Hitchc. Oregon Checkerbloom


Castilleja applegatei Fernald pallida (Eastw.) Chuang & Heckard. Wavy-Leaf Indian Paintbrush

Castilleja miniata Hook. miniata. Giant Red Indian Paintbrush

Castilleja pilosa (S. Watson) Rydb. Parrothead Indian Paintbrush


Leptosiphon nuttallii (Gray) J. M. Porter & L. A. Johnson pubescens (R. Patt.) J. M. Porter & L. A. Johnson. Nuttall's Linanthus


Ranunculus flammula L. Greater Creeping Spearwort


Populus tremuloides Michx. Quaking Aspen

Salix geyeriana Andersson. Geyer Willow


Allium bisceptrum S. Watson. Twincrest Onion


Carex utriculata Boott. Beaked Sedge


Iris missouriensis Nutt. Western Blue Flag



Alopecurus aequalis Sobol. Shortawn Foxtail

Phleum alpinum L. Alpine Timothy


Potamogeton robbinsii Oakes. Robbin's Pondweed

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