Eastern Mojave Vegetation Shadow Valley, San Bernardino County, California.

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See also: Kingston Wash. Shadow Mountains.


Literature Referring To This Location:

  • Freidman, S. Julio. 1997. Rock-avalanche elements of the Shadow Valley basin, eastern Mojave Desert, California: Processes and Problems. Journal of Sedimentary Research. 67(5):792-804. {TAS-pdf}

Area Plant Lists that contain this location:

Species collected at or near this location:



Chaenactis fremontii A. Gray. Desert Pincushion


Rafinesquia californica Nutt. California Chicory


Pectocarya heterocarpa (I.M. Johnst.) I.M. Johnst. Mixed-Nut Combseed

Pectocarya platycarpa (Munz & I.M. Johnst.) Munz & I.M. Johnst. Broad-Fruited Combseed


Chorizanthe brevicornu Torr. brevicornu. Brittle Spineflower

Eriogonum fasciculatum Benth. polifolium (A. DC.) Torrey & A. Gray. California Buckwheat

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