Eastern Mojave Vegetation Green Mountain, Jefferson County, Colorado.

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Variant names are Hendricks Peak and Mount Hendricks.

Elevation: 6847ft, 2087m.

Articles that refer to this location:

  • Colorado State Highway 470: 11000
  • Checklist Flora of Native and Naturalized Vascular Plants of Golden and Vicinity, Jefferson County, Colorado: Green Mtn
  • Field Notes: 20140619 2 Aug 2014
  • U. S. Highway 6: 35960

Literature Referring To This Location:

Species collected at or near this location:



Erigeron canus A. Gray. Hoary Fleabane

Solidago mollis Bartl. Velvety Goldenrod


Antennaria pulchella Greene. Sierra Pussytoes


Coryphantha missouriensis (Sweet) Britton & Rose. Missouri Foxtail Cactus


Symphoricarpos occidentalis Hook. Western Snowberry


Lathyrus decaphyllus Pursh.

Lupinus argenteus Pursh. Loosely Flowered Silver Lupine

Thermopsis rhombifolia (Pursh) Richardson. Prairie Thermopsis


Penstemon secundiflorus Benth. Sidebells Penstemon


Carex brevior (Dewey) Mack. Shortbeak Sedge

Carex oreocharis Holm. Grassyslope Sedge

Carex praegracilis W. Boott. Clustered Field-Sedge



Schizachyrium scoparium (Michx.) Nash. Little Bluestem

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