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Home Page  Nevada Highway 318 runs north and south through the White River Valley from US Highway 6 south of Ely, Nevada, to a junction with US Highway 93, just south of Hiko, Nevada.

The maps also show a Nevada State Route 38 that shares the route with State Route 318 for the most part, and runs parallel with State Route 318 for a smaller part.

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The northern end of Nevada State Route 318 is at its:

Junction: US Highway 6,, northeast to Ely, Nevada, or southwest to Tonopah, Nevada.

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Locations: Egan Range. White River Valley.
Full Size ImageView southeast to Lund and the Egan Range, Nevada.  

Small bluff above valley.







Locations: Lund.  



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Full Size ImageGibson Road from NV SR 318  

Junction: Gibson Road
  White Pine County above
Nye County below

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Junction: Wells Station Road, west across the White River Valley, then over Wells Station Summit, and northwest through the northern portion of the Grant Range to Currant on US Highway 6.

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Locations: White Horse Pasture. White River.
Full Size ImageThe Egan Range as seen from White Horse Pasture.  

Full Size Image
The main channel of the White River in White Horse Pasture.
White Horse Pasture

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Locations: Hardy Springs.
Full Size ImageHardy Springs, Egan Range in background.  

Hardy Springs

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Locations: Egan Range. White Horse Pasture. White River (historical location).
Full Size ImageThe Egan Range as seen from White Horse Pasture.  

Emigrant Springs



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Locations: Sunnyside.  


Several collections of Frasera albomarginata have been made at locations close to Sunnyside.

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Locations: Hot Creek Springs.
Full Size ImageHot Creek Springs with the southern Egan Range.  

Full Size Image
Hot Creek Springs with Gap Mountain in background.
Hot Creek Springs is the habitat of the White River Springfish.

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Locations: Egan Range.
Full Size ImageGap Mountain Camp with southern end of Egan Range in the background.  

Road to Adams McGill Reservoir

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Locations: Gap Mountain.
Full Size ImageGap Mountain as seen from Adams-McGill Reservoir.  

Gap Mountain

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Junction: "Bristol Cletty Road" or "Silver King Road", southeast to Bristol Wells, and the Bristol Silver Mines.

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Junction(?): Cave Valley Road.

I'm not sure that Cave Valley Road actually comes all the way out to Nevada State Route 318. However, if it does, it would do so at this point opposite Fox Mountain.



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Locations: Hiko.  



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Junction: Logan Canyon Road, west, into the Mount Irish Range.

E. C. Jaeger collected Frasera albomarginata on Mount Irish.

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Full Size ImageThe east end of the Extraterrestrial Highway  

Junction: Nevada State Route 375
  Crystal Springs

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  • NV Hwy 375
  • US Hwy 93
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