Eastern Mojave Vegetation Species Distribution List for Frasera puberulenta Davidson  

Tom Schweich  

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  Inyo County
G.N.I.S.   Badger Flat:
- e of Badger Flat - Inyo Mtns, Summit Ridge. (36.9702N, 118.0993W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) J. C. Roos 8/5/1967 [Editorial Comments: 2/10/2011, UC1494266 and UCR26262 assumed to be two vouchers of the same collection. ]) (UC1494266, UCR26262).
- Northern Mojave Desert, Inyo Mountains, along 4WD road, c. 2.5 miles east of Badger Flat. (Col: 36.9876N, 118.0846W) Jim Andre, Ron B. Kelly, T. LaDoux 13845. 6/23/2009 (UCR217121).
G.N.I.S.   Baker Creek:
- Baker Creek, Sierra Nevada Mountains. (Col: 37.1660N, 118.4635W) Victor Duran 1802. 7/13/1926 (JEPS46361).
G.N.I.S.   Big Pine Creek:
- Big Pine Creek, Sierra Nevada, Inyo County, alt. 10000 ft (37.3507N, 118.7308W, Collection placed at geographic coordinates estimated from the 10,000 ft. elevation on Big Pine Creek.) F. W. Peirson 2640. 8/5/1921 (RSA69433, POM13065).
G.N.I.S.   Bishop Creek:
- North Fork of Bishop Creek, Sierra Nevada, Inyo County, Alt. 11,000 ft. (37.2359N, 118.6754W, Collection re-placed at geographic coordinates approximating the 11,000 ft. elevation on the north fork of Bishop Creek.) F. W. Peirson 871. 8/29/1914 (RSA69437).
- Central Sierra Nevada region, N fork of Bishop Creek: 200 m NE of North Lake outlet. Ridge and slopes along vague stock trail from Aspendell to North Lake. (Col: 37.2317N, 118.6097W) Michael Honer 2333. 8/11/2006 (RSA718405).
G.N.I.S.   Black Canyon:
- Secondary canyon of Black Canyon (Col: 37.3130N, 118.2160W) R. S. Mitchell 2140. 7/12/1964 (SD62239, NY189458, UC1299915).
G.N.I.S.   Cottonwood Creek:
- Cottonwood Creek Canyon, Inyo County. 5000-6000 ft elev. (36.4398N, 118.0837W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named locaiton and elevation.) gravelly slopes Holotype of: Swertia albomarginata var. purpusii Jepson. Carl A. Purpus 3065. 8/1/1896 (UC105624).
G.N.I.S.   Grandview Campground:
- Erect, fls. green and speckled. Phenology of specimen: Flower. Grandview Campground at S end of White Mountains. (37.3333N, 118.1898W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Limestone ridge. With pinyon and juniper. B. J. Ertter with J. Strachan 3024. 7/2/1979 (NY189453, UTC168779).
G.N.I.S.   Little Cottonwood Creek:
- Southern Sierra Nevada, Little Cottonwood Creek, elev 9600 ft. (36.4769N, 118.1230W, Geographic coordinates estimated from 9600 ft. elevation on Little Cottonwood Creek.) Infrequent on dry benches of disintegrated granite, with Pinus Murrayana; Little Cottonwood Creek P. A. Munz 14025. 7/17/1949 (RSA50527).
G.N.I.S.   Montenegro Spring:
- 1.5 miles S35W of upper Montenegro Spring on the north slope of Black Mountain, Owens Valley drainage. (37.2774N, 118.2119W, Geographic coordinates estimated from collector's location description.) J. D. Morefield 2133. 6/21/1984 [Editorial Comments: 2/6/2011, Collection appears to be closer to, and northeast of, Black Mountain, than southwest of Montenegro Spring. ]) (NY189457).
G.N.I.S.   North Lake:
- Southern Sierra Nevada, South Lake, Bishop Creek (37.2316N, 118.6109W, Collection placed at geographic coordinates of the named location.) This is a cotype for Frasera puberulenta, date given as Jul '11; "The type sheet (at L.A. Mus.) is labelled "South Lake". . .J. Ewan" Anstruther Davidson 2705. 7/1/1911 (RSA350843, UC160453).
G.N.I.S.   Onion Valley:
- on slope above meadow w of Independence - Sierra Nevada, Onion Valley (36.7741N, 118.3326W, Collection location estimated from geographic coordinates of the named location.) Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg 3198. 7/29/1942 (UC694227).
- Dry slopes on trail from Keersarge Pass to Onion Valley (36.7692N, 118.3579W, Geographic coordinates estimated at approximate half-way point between Kearsarge Pass and Onion Valley.) P. A. Munz 12663. 7/31/1948 (NY189452, RSA39102).
- Sierra Nevada, E. slope, Onion Valley; above Independence Creek. (36.7741N, 118.3326W, ) R. F. Thorne, M. Z. Thorne, and Mary DeDecker 38807. 7/22/1969 (RSA281039).
- Onion Valley, Kearsarge Pass Trail, Sierra Nevada, 9000-9500 ft (36.7741N, 118.3326W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Roxana S. Ferris 9838. 8/23/1939 (UC716284).
G.N.I.S.   Reed Flat:
- White Mountains (37.3819N, 118.1873W, Berkeley Mapper coordinates are apparently the center of the Westgard Pass quad. Collection replaced at Reed Flat, as that is the first location on White Mountain Road near 10,000 ft. elevation.) USGS quad: Westgard Pass 7.5' Q.; At elev. 10200 ft.; C. S. Papp 333. 7/27/1963 (UCR19397).
- White Mountains, east side of Reed Flat at head of Birch Creek. (Col: 37.3833N, 118.1811W) J. C. Roos 5824. 7/26/1952 (RSA71718, UCR18856).
- Edge of Reed Flat, White Mountains. (37.3819N, 118.1873W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Perennial on dry limestone slopes, Bristle-cone Pine Forest Community. P. A. Munz 21019. 7/19/1955 (NY189455, UC1075853, RSA116003).
G.N.I.S.   Rock Creek Lake:
- Southern Sierra Nevada region, north side of Rock Creek Lake, below Little Lakes valley, NE of Mono Pass, E side of crest. (37.4527N, 118.7376W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Collection number "b48" and "b140" E. Robinson 7/16/1936 (RSA74753, RSA76847).
G.N.I.S.   Sawmill Creek:
- Sawmill Creek. (36.8879N, 118.3447W, near-by location.) H. M. Pollard 7/5/1947 (RSA44363).
G.N.I.S.   Sawmill Meadows:
- Sierra Nevada, Sawmill Meadow, dry slope, Mt. Whitney Quadrangle, Elev 8400 ft. (36.8966N, 118.3323W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Mary DeDecker 386. 7/7/1956 (RSA614004).
G.N.I.S.   Sawmill Pass:
- John Muir Wilderness, perennial on open granite boulder covered slope, on E. side of Sawmill Pass in mixed Pinus flexilis, P. balfouriana forest. Fairly common in this area, and at lower elevations. (36.8817N, 118.3579W, Berkeley Mapper coordinates are on valley floor of Owens Valley. Replaced at geographic coordinates east of Sawmill Pass, but west of the next feature: Sawmill Lake.) G. F. Hrusa, and D. Ryerson 7261. 8/1/1989 (CDA11198).
G.N.I.S.   Schulman Grove:
- not far from Schulman Bristle Cone Grove - White Mountains (37.3855N, 118.1770W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) in open ground, open stand of timber "This area not sufficiently known to give any specimen any elevation except generally." Charlotte N. Smith 1257. 8/28/1963 (JEPS39955).
- White Mountains, Shulman Grove, Inyo County. (37.3855N, 118.1770W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) W. Wisura 3729. 7/21/1979 (RSA282592).
G.N.I.S.   Second Lake:
- trail between 2nd lake and 3rd lake - Big Pine Creek (37.1227N, 118.4914W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Annie M. Alexander and Louise Kellogg 2583. 7/16/1941 (UC669934).
G.N.I.S.   Side Hill Spring:
- Inyo Mountains, near Hillside Crest, Independence Quadrangle, elev. 9500 feet. (36.9822N, 118.0351W, Geographic coordinates estimated from a nearby named location.) Mary DeDecker 458. 7/21/1956 [Editorial Comments: 31 Jan 2011, Some of Mary DeDecker's collections on this day are described as being from "Hillside Spring" and others from "Side Hill Spring." Seems likely that these are variants of the same name. , 14 Oct 2011, Purple stem. ]) (RSA613837).
G.N.I.S.   South Fork Birch Creek:
- Erect perennials, petals greenish. White Mountains: ridge of N wall of S Fork Birch Creek, E of Shulman Grove, 1.6 miles S36E of Coldwater Spring, Deep Springs Valley drainage. T6S R35E S32 (Col: 37.3830N, 118.1570W) With Pinus, Cercocarpus, Artemisia, Chrysothamnus and Ribes on fine disintegrating carbonate sloping 20 NNW. J. D. Morefield 4069. 7/8/1986 (NY189449, RSA463613, UC1550051).
G.N.I.S.   South Fork Cottonwood Creek:
- Head of south fork of Cottonwood Creek, White Mountains (37.5292N, 118.2019W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) On stony slopes. Under sparse Pinus aristata. A. H. Holmgren with Bassett Maguire 26155. 8/8/1945 (UTC90490, NY189456).
G.N.I.S.   Squaw Flat:
- Squaw Flat, w Inyo County, Independence Region (37.0499N, 118.0493W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Mark Kerr 80. 7/2/1932 (UC495870).
G.N.I.S.   Taboose Pass:
- Taboose Pass, Sierra Nevada, Inyo County. (36.9849N, 118.4159W, near-by location.) The longer piece from Oak Creek, August 5 1911; the shorter piece from Taboose Pass, August 22, 1913. F. W. Peirson 874. 8/22/1913 (RSA69436).
G.N.I.S.   Tamarack Canyon:
- Northern Mojave Desert Region, Inyo Mountain, near head of Tamarack Canyon. (Col: 36.9747N, 118.0644W) Open places on rocky slope with Pinus aristata. J. C. Roos, A. R. Roos 5955. 8/9/1953 (UCR25684, UC1010174, RSA79697).
- Northern Mojave Desert Region, Inyo Mountains, near head of Tamarack Canyon. (Col: 36.9708N, 118.0806W) J. C. Roos 8/5/1967 (UCR26262).
G.N.I.S.   Toms Place:
- Sierra Nevada Mountains, Long Valley, along Owens Gorge Road about 5 mi north of Tom's Place. (Col: 37.6167N, 118.6817W) G. K. Helmkamp, E. A. Helmkamp 179. 7/28/1993 (UCR132166).
G.N.I.S.   Wheeler Ridge:
- Wheeler Ridge, along jeep road to prospects on E slope Round Valley Peak, 0.7 map miles NNE Round Valley Peak. (Col: 37.4506N, 118.6672W) sandy granitic derived soil on benches and otherwise very steep slopes, in sparse woodland of Pinus flexilis Dean Wm. Taylor with Glenn Clifton 9925. 6/29/1988 (JEPS91317).
G.N.I.S.   Whitney Portal:
- Mt. Whitney Rd, below Whitney Portal. (36.5911N, 118.2240W, Placed at geographic coordinates estimated from the 7700 ft. elevation on the Whitney Portal Road.) H. L. Buckalew 6/30/1958 (SJSU6085).
- e side of Sierra Nevada, Independence, Mount Whitney Portals. (36.5888N, 118.2259W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) Mark Kerr 515. 7/7/1939 (UC771313).
G.N.I.S.   Wyman Creek:
- Wyman Creek, White Mtns (37.4414N, 118.1752W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location and elevation.) Victor Duran 1736. 7/7/1926 (UC559219).
  Mono County
G.N.I.S.   Bright Dot Lake:
- West of Bright Dot Lake, Sierra Nevada, Convict Creek Basin (Col: 37.5453N, 118.8638W) Jack Major and Samuel A. Bamberg 889. 7/7/1962 (UC1223712).
G.N.I.S.   Glass Mountain:
- Herbage gray-puberuluent. Root light yellow. Petals flecked with blackish-purple on an ochroleucous or chloroleucous background. On the lower north slope of Glass Mountain, east of the canyon. (37.7749N, 118.7085W, Geographic coordinates estimated from named location.) With Jeffrey pine, mountain mahogany and sagebrush. In pumice and obsidian soil. A. J. Cronquist 11091. 7/26/1973 (NY189454).
- Great Basin, East of Sierra Nevada region, open broad ridgeline approximately 1 mile east of Glass Mountain Peak. (Col: 37.7725N, 118.6931W) Michael Honer, Scott Hetzler 649. 8/18/2000 (RSA688889).
- Rare individuals on sandy slope. Glass Mountain Region, steep avalanche chute leading down to McGee Meadow from Glass Mountain Peak. (Col: 37.7847N, 118.7275W) Michael Honer, Scott Hetzler, Derham Guiliani 1159. 7/5/2001 (RSA682545).
G.N.I.S.   June Lake:
- Between Deadman Creek and June Lake. (37.7816N, 119.0777W, near-by location.) Volcanic mountains, in open forest. Frank W. Peirson 7560. 7/26/1927 (RSA69438, POM175469, JEPS46364).
G.N.I.S.   Lake Genevieve:
- Central Sierra Nevada, above Convict Lake, between Laurel and Bloody Mountains, MNB&M; T4S R28E Se/4 S28, elev 10550 ft. (37.5688N, 118.8879W, Geographic coordinates estimated from PSS location. Lake Genevieve is the closest named location, about a half mile south of the collection location.) Mary DeDecker 4791. 8/2/1978 (RSA630761).
G.N.I.S.   Mammoth Lakes:
- NE slope Gold Mt ridge between Coldwater Cr & Sherwin Lakes, Mammoth Lakes region. (37.6047N, 118.9904W, Took wild-ass guess that Gold Mountain ridge is between Coldwater Creek and Sherwin Lakes.) dry loose sliding reddish latite gravels Carl W. Sharsmith 7891. 8/14/1972 (SJSU6247).
G.N.I.S.   Mammoth Mountain:
- Knoll northeast of Mammoth Mountain (37.6308N, 119.0326W, ) Charles M. Knapp 8/22/1979 (UCD22577).
G.N.I.S.   Mono Craters:
- on summit ridge near top of Crater Mountain (Col: 37.8670N, 119.0000W) punice flats Dean Wm. Taylor 7529. 7/27/1979 (JEPS91319).
- Lower flowers on plants just beginning to open. Some plants with one flower stalk, others with up to four stalks. Southern portion of Mono Craters, south of the Pumice Mine, in bare loose cinders in open areas among Jeffrey pines. Mostly north and west slopes. (Col: 37.8425N, 119.0076W) Tom Schweich 695. 8/1/2010 (CAS1131468, UC1980391).
G.N.I.S.   O'Harrel Canyon:
- Glass Mountain Region, O'Harrel Canyon Spring, approximately 1.5 mile NE of road end. 02S29E13. (Col: 37.7644N, 118.7364W) Silty moist areas around spring derived from pumice alluvium in open Pinus jeffryi / Populus tremuloides woodland. Michael Honer 358. 7/19/2000 (RSA682731, UC1787128).
G.N.I.S.   Punch Bowl:
- (Col: 37.8224N, 119.0193W) Rocky south-facing slope of inner crater. Tom Schweich 6/19/2012
- (Col: 37.8193N, 119.0236W) In draw between two plug domes. Tom Schweich 6/19/2012
- (Col: 37.8185N, 119.0206W) Tom Schweich 903. 8/25/2012
G.N.I.S.   Sentinel Meadow:
- Glass Mountain Region, Sentinel Meadows Research Natural Area, top of plateau overlooking Long Valley, approximately 200 m NE of point 10185. (Col: 37.7783N, 118.7761W) Michael Honer 393. 7/20/2000 (RSA682206).
- Rare individuals on slope. Glass Mountain Region, Sentinel Meadow Research Natural Area, SW-facing canyon on W edge of RNA. (Col: 37.7836N, 118.8106W) Michael Honer 1201. 7/21/2001 (RSA685921).
- Summit plateau of Glass Mountains (sic) (No coordinates) Dean Wm. Taylor 6694. 8/28/1977 (JEPS91318).
- Occasional widely spaced individuals throughout the area. Glass Mountain Region: "Wilfred Peak;" S end of the Glass Mtn. Ridge, adjacent to and N of Wilfred Cyn. (Watterson Cyn quad: 3744.389'N, 11840.239'W; T2S R30E S28, SE/4). (No coordinates) Windswept ridge-like peak of soft pumice gravell soil, white rhyolitic outcrops, and occasional obsidian vent plugs. Michael Honer 1088. 7/1/2001 (RSA682206).
G.N.I.S.   Wet Canyon:
- Uncommon individuals on open sandy areas. Glass Mountain Region, Wet Canyon, steep w-facing slopes leading down to stream, appx. 1 km NE of confluence of Dexter Cyn and Wild Cow Cyn. Streams. (Col: 37.8353N, 118.7742W) Michael Honer 1308. 7/24/2001 (RSA681094).
  Esmeralda County
G.N.I.S.   Magruder Mountain:
- USA; Nevada; Esmeralda Co.; South end of the Silver Peak Range, Magruder Mountain. (37.4108N, 117.5470W, near-by location.) A. H. Holmgren 7/5/1945 (NY189459).
  White Mountains:
- Erect perennials, petals green w/darker spots. Phenology of specimen: Flower. Esmeralda Co. White Mountains: W rim of Mustang Mtn. 0.3 mile N33E of Kennedy Point. Owens Valley Drainage. Alt. 10170 ft. (3099.8 m.) 37 53' N, 118 19' W (37.883, -118.317). (Col: 37.8830N, 118.3170W) With Cercocarpus, Symphoricarpos, Pinus, Lupinus, Artemisia, Erigeron & Muhlenbergia. On rhyolitic colluvial sand sloping 20. J. D. Morefield with Douglas H. McCarty 4061. 7/5/1986 (NY189448, RSA474884).
  Mineral County
G.N.I.S.   Stewart Valley:
- Stewart Valley, 3.2 road miles north of road summit on main Finger Rock Wash road, then east 2.2 miles on road to Simon, T8N R37E S17 (38.5521N, 117.8842W, Geographic coordinates per UTC.) Growing with Juniperus, Artemisia tridentata on light colored brown clay hills south of road. Arnold Tiehm 13630. 7/4/2000 (RSA667376, UTC234270, UC1778839).
- USA; Nevada; Mineral Co.; Stewart Valley, 3.2 road miles north of road summit on main Finger Rock Wash road, then east 2.2 road miles on road to Simon (Col: 38.5520N, 117.8840W) A. Tiehm 5/31/2001 (NY947498).
- USA; Nevada; Mineral Co.; Stewart Valley, 3.2 road miles north of road summit on main Finger Rock Wash road, then east 2.2 road miles on road to Simon (Col: 38.5520N, 117.8840W) A Tiehm 7/4/2001 (NY947499).
- USA; Nevada; Mineral Co.; Sewart Valley, 17 mi 175 from Gabbs. (Col: 38.6320N, 117.9030W) S. Goodrich 6/14/1979 (NY189451, NY189450).


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