Eastern Mojave Vegetation US Highway 163, Arizona and Utah.  

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 From near Bluff, Utah, west and southwest through Monument Valley to just past Kayenta, Arizona.

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Junction: US Highway 191, 4 miles west of Bluff, Utah.
  Cross Comb Ridge
  Cross Comb Wash

Literature Cited:
- Retallack, Gregory J., 2009.

Locations: Snake Canyon.  

Cross Snake Canyon

Near this location is a paleosol collection site in the Permian Cedar Mesa Formation used by Retallack in his 2009 study of greenhouse crises of the past 300 million years. Retallack used stomatal index data for fossil Ginko and related leaves as a proxy for past CO2 spikes and paleosol chemical data as proxies for temperature and humidity changes. These data show that global warming due to CO2 rise is a not a unique event in earth history and that the magnitude of the coming anthropogenic greenhouse pales in comparison with past greenhouse spikes at times of global mass extinctions.

  Lime Ridge
  Junction: Valley of the Gods Road



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Locations: Valley of the Gods.

Species Lists: Frasera paniculata  

Valley of the Gods


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Junction: Utah Highway 261

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Locations: Mexican Hat Rock.
Full Size ImageMexican Hat Rock, just north of the town of Mexican Hat.  

Mexican Hat Rock

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Full Size ImageMexican Hat Rock, from the edge of town.  



Locations: Mexican Hat.

Species Lists: Frasera paniculata  

Mexican Hat


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Locations: San Juan River.
Full Size ImageSan Juan River in Mexican Hat.  

Cross the San Juan River.
  Junction: Monument Valley Road

Locations: Goulding. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.  

Junction: Monument Valley Road, Oljeto Road

Take Monument Valley Road to the southeast to the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park Visitor Center.

Take Oljeto Road west to Gouldings, Utah.

  San Juan County, Utah above
Navajo County, Arizona below



Literature Cited:
- Demko, T. M., 2003.

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Locations: Monument Valley.  

Monument Valley

Full Size Image
John Ford Point.
Full Size Image
The View Hotel at Monument Valley.
Full Size Image
Blackbrush (Coleogyne ramosissima) in bloom at Monument Valley.
Full Size Image
Egg Arch in Monument Valley
Full Size Image
“Diablo,” the Navajo horse.
Full Size Image
East and West Mitten, and Merrick Butte; the view from our hotel room.
The spectacular buttes and mesas of Monument Valley are some of the most iconic scenery of the western US. This area has been the site of numerous movies, television shows, and commercial advertisements.

The floor of the valley and lower slopes of the buttes and mesas are comprised of red and reddish brown sandstones and siltsones of the Permian Organ Rock Formation, deposited by dryland fluvial systems, low-relief aeolian sand sheets and other erg-margin depositional systems.

The vertical cliff faces are aeolian erg deposits of the Permian DeChelley Sandstone. The Lower Triassic Moenkopi (Hoskinni Member) and Upper Triassic Chinle Formation (Shinarump Member) comprise the thinner-bedded units that cap some of the mesas (Demko, 2003).





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Junction: US Highway 160




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