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 West to east from Colorado to Michigan

Other articles: Interstate 70 at US 24  

Junction: US Interstate 70




Junction: US Interstate 70



Red Cliff


Other articles: Forest Road 703 at US 24  

Junction: Forest Road 703, southwest up Homestake Creek to Homestake Reservoir.

Other articles: Colorado Transbasin Water Transfer Ewing Ditch

Locations: Burton Ditch.  

Junction: Forest Road 101 “Tennesee Pass Road”, to Cooper Hill Ski Area, and Ewing Ditch.



Locations: Tennessee Pass.  

Tennessee Pass

  Junction: Forest Road 100 “Meadow Drive”, generally west in the direction of Wurtz (Wurts) Ditch.

Other articles: CO Highway 91 near Leadville  

Junction: Colorado Highway 91
  County Road 17, Mountain View Drive.
  15th Street
  14th Street.
  13th Street.
  12th Street.
  11th Street.
  10th Street.
  Poplar Street, Highway 24 follows north northwest.
  East 9th Street, Highway 24 follows east north east.



Locations: Leadville.  


Leadville City Hall, on Harrison street, between 8th Street and 9th Street.
  8th Street

Other articles: County Route 3 at Harrison  

7th Street, becomes County Route 3.
  6th Street, traffic signal

Other articles: County Road 1 at US 24  

Intersection: 5th Street, to the east becomes County Route 1.
  4th Street
  Leadville Historic District
  3rd Street
  2nd Street

Other articles: Monroe Street at US 24  

Monroe Street, access to County Route 2.
  Highway curves southeast.

Other articles: County Road 4 at US Hwy 24  

Junction: County Road 4 “McWethy Drive”, to Turquoise Lake.

Other articles: Colorado Transbasin Water Transfer Otero Pump Station and Pipeline  

Otero Pumping Plant

East of the highway is the Otero Pumping Plant. It takes water from the Arkansas River and pumps it over Trout Creek Pass. Half the water is delivered to Spinney Mountain Reservoir for use by the City of Aurora. The remaining half continues in the pipeline to Ramparts Reservoir for the City of Colorado Springs.



Locations: Buena Vista.
Full Size ImageMount Princeton west of Buena Vista
Full Size ImageMidland Hill east of Buena Vista  

Buena Vista

Full Size Image
Repurposed building with sporting goods and a yummy café.
Junction: West and East Main Street, downtown Buena Vista.

Other articles: US Highway 285 at US 24 W  

Junction: US Highway 285, south.

Other articles: CO-82 at US 24  

Junction: Colorado State Highway 82, west to Independence Pass, then Aspen, and Glenwood Springs.



Trout Creek Pass


Other articles: US Highway 285 at US 24 E  

Junction: US Highway 285, north.

Other articles: CO Highway 9 at US 24 W  

Junction: Colorado Highway 9, north.

Other articles: CO Highway 9 at US 24 E  

Junction: Colorado Highway 9, south.



Locations: South Park.  

“South Park”

The flat commonly known as “South Park,” although the Board of Geographic Names does not accept that name for this flat.



Other articles: Teller County Road 1 at US 24

Locations: Florissant.  


Junction: Teller County Road 1, south to Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument.



Other articles: US Interstate 25 at US 24  

Colorado Springs

Junction: US Interstate 25
  Colorado above …
Kansas below …
  Kansas above …
Missouri below …
  Missouri above …
Illinois below …
  Illinois above …
Indiana below …
  Indiana above …
Ohio below …
  Ohio above …
Michigan below …
  Junction: US Interstate 75, near Clarkston, MI, east end of highway.




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