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 From Granby to Berwyn, with opportunity for hifalutin' hijinks the whole way.

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Junction: US Highway 40, east to Granby and Denver, west to Hot Sulphur Springs and Steamboat Springs.

Locations: Table Mountain.

Species Lists: Frasera speciosa  

Highway skirts Table Mountain (to the west) along the shore of Lake Granby.

Grand Lake

Junction: West Portal Road, Grand Lake and Village
Rocky Mountain National Park below …

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Locations: Colorado River.
Full Size ImageBowen-Baker Trailhead  

Bowen-Baker Trailhead
  Pacific drainage above …
Continental Divide
Atlantic drainage below …
  Poudre Lake
  Alpine Visitor Center

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Locations: Forest Canyon Pass.
Full Size ImageForest Canyon Pass from Gore Range Overlook  

Gore Range Overlook


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Locations: Forest Canyon Overlook. Terra Tomah Mountain.
Full Size ImagePhlox pulvinata at Forest Canyon Overlook  

Forest Canyon Overlook

Full Size Image
Something Rosaceous at Forest Canyon Overlook
Full Size Image
Landscape at 12,000 ft in the Rocky Mountains
Full Size Image
Terra Tomah Mountain across Forest Canyon
  Many Parks Curve Overlook

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Deer Ridge Junction

Junction: US Highway 36, east to Moraine Park, Bear Lake, and Estes Park

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Locations: Roaring River.
Full Size ImageAlluvial fan at mouth of Roaring River  

Junction: Old Fall River Road, Endovalley, Roaring River alluvial fan.

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Locations: Horseshoe Park.
Full Size ImageHorseshoe Park seen from Many Parks Curve overlook  

Horseshoe Park


Rocky Mountain National Park

  Fall River Entrance Station
  Rocky Mountain National Park above …

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Full Size ImageStanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado
Full Size ImageLongs Peak as seen from the Stanley Hotel  

Junction: Steamer Parkway, to Stanley Hotel.

Estes Park

Junction: Elkhorn Avenue, US Highway 34 Bus., east

Locations: Lake Estes.  

Lake Estes, a reservoir on Big Thompson River.
  Junction: MacGregor Avenue, to Devils Gulch, Glen Haven

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Junction: US Highway 36, US Highway 34 Bus, Elkhorn Avenue, St. Vrain Avenue, to SH 7 – Lyons.

This is the big crossroads intersection in Estes Park. Get it right here, as second chances are hard to come by.



Junction: County Road 43, to Glen Haven
  Junction: County Road 27, to Masonville


Junction: US Highway 287, Cleveland Avenue south, to Longmont, Central Business District
  Junction: US Highway 287, Lincoln Avenue, north, to Ft. Collins

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Junction: Interstate 25 (US 87) to Denver, Ft. Collins
  Junction: US highway 34 Bus., 10th Street, east through Greeley
  Junction: State Highway 257, to Windsor, Milliken
  Junction: 23rd Avenue / 27th Street

Locations: Greeley.  



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Junction: US 85 south / US 85 Bus. north, 8th Avenue, to Denver, Greeley

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Junction: US Highway 85, north, to Cheyenne
  Junction: US 34 Bus., west
  Junction: County Road 49, to Hudson, Keenesburg


Junction: County Road 53 / 1st Street, to Kersey
  Junction: State Highway 144, to Orchard, Jackson Lake State Park
  Junction: SH 39 / SH 52, to Goodrich, Wiggins
  Junction: Interstate76, US Highway 6, west to Denver
  Junction: Interstate 76, east

Fort Morgan

Junction: State Highway 52, Main Street, north to I-76


Junction: State Highway 71, Colorado Avenue, north to I-76
  Junction: State Highway 71, south to Last Chance, Limon
  Junction: To US 6 / I-76, to Sterling


Junction: State Highway 63, Cedar Avenue, to Sterling, Anton


Junction: State Highway 61, Dade Street, north to Sterling


Junction: State Highway 59, Detroit Street to Haxtun


Junction: US 385, Dexter Street, to Holyoke
  Colorado above …
Nebraska below …
  Nebraska above …
Iowa below…
  Iowa above …
Illinois below …
  Junction: Illinois Highway 43, at Berwyn, IL

Literature Cited

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