Eastern Mojave Vegetation Utah Highway 59  

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Other articles: Utah Highway 9 Hurricane

Locations: Hurricane.  


Junction: Utah Highway 9, east to Colorado City, Pipe Springs, and other points in northern Arizona.

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Locations: Hurricane. Hurricane Cliffs. La Verkin.
Full Size ImageHurricane as seen from the Hurricane Cliffs on the east.  

Leaving Hurricane, Utah Highway 59 first climbs the Hurricane Cliffs. Near the top, there is a place to pull out and look over Hurricane and La Verkin.
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Hurricane, Utah, looking southwest from a pullout on Utah Highway 59.
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La Verkin and the Hurricane Cliffs.
  Big Plain Junction

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Locations: Vermilion Cliffs.  

Vermilion Cliffs.

Other articles: Frasera albomarginata near Vermilion Cliffs

Locations: Canaan Mountain.  

Canaan Mountain to the northeast. Frasera albomarginata has been collected on the lower slopes.

Other articles: Arizona Highway 389 at Utah border.  

Utah above
Arizona below.

Junction: Arizona Highway 389, east through Pipe Springs to Fredonia, Arizona.

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