Eastern Mojave Vegetation The Ecology of Areas with Serpentinized Rocks: A World View  

B. A. Roberts and J. Proctor  

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  Roberts, Bruce A., and J. Proctor. 1992. The Ecology of areas with serpentinized rocks: a world view. Boston, MA: Kluwer Academic, 1992.
  • Introduction
  • Geology
    • Serpentine and the geology of serpentinized rocks
    • by John Malpas
  • North America
    • Plant life of western North American ultramafics
    • by Art R. Kruckeberg
    • Ecology of serpentinized areas, Newfoundland, Canada
    • by Bruce A. Roberts
    • A phyto-ecological investigation of the Mount Albert serpentinized plateau
    • by Luc Sirois and Miroslav M. Grandtner
  • Europe
    • Chemical and ecological studies on the vegetation of ultramafic sites in Britain
    • by John Proctor
    • The ecology of serpentinized areas of north-east Portugal
    • by Eugenio Menezes de Sequeira and A. R. Pinto Da Silva
      • Introduction
      • Geology
      • Climate
      • Soils
      • Weathering and soil genesis
      • Element behavior in soil genesis
      • Flora
      • Plant behavior and chemistry
      • Vegetation
    • Distribution of serpentinized massives on the Balkan peninsulas and their ecology
    • by Budislav Tatic and V. Velovic
    • The distribution and ecology of the vegetation of altramafic soils in Italy
    • by Ornella Vergnano Gambi
  • Far East and Japan
    • The vegetation over ultramafic rocks in the tropical Far East
    • by John Proctor
    • The distribution and extent of serpentinized areas in Japan
    • by Naoharu Mizuno and Shiro Nosaka
  • Africa
    • The ecology of ultramafic areas in Zimbabwe
    • by John Proctor and Monica M. Cole
    • The vegetation over mafic and ultramafic rocks in the Transvaal Lowveld, South Africa
    • by Monica M. Cole
  • Australasia
    • The vegetation of the greenstone belts of Western Australia
    • by Monica M. Cole
    • The serpentinized areas of New Zealand, their structure and ecology
    • by William G. Lee
  • Concluding Remarks
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