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Tom Schweich  

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  Several years ago, I posted a question on "sci.bio.ecology" asking about interesting ecological locations along U. S. Highway 50 in Nevada. I did this because I was planning a trip to Utah, crossing Nevada on U. S. 50 for the first time. I wanted to know about places to stop where ecological principles were illustrated, or ecological studies had been completed. I define "ecological" loosely, to cover all sciences from geology, through botany and zoology, to anthropology.
  Several people responded, giving mostly advice to stop at Great Basin National Park or recommending the Toiyabe Range.
  Having completed the trip, I wanted to put something back onto the World Wide Web. The result should be open-ended, in that it was easy to modify, and organized the way people would experience a trip through the area, i.e., location order within highway or road. The theory is: someone taking a trip through the area could download the HTML to a laptop and use a Web browser to follow the highways and ecological sites.
  Well ... that's the theory, anyway ...
  Here's what I've built to date. It's mostly just a skeleton of highways I've traveled, without many ecological notes. You'll find a few ecological notes in the files. I plan to add the ecological notes over time. It seems like I'll have to run a search in Biosis, locate any studies located in Nevada, and then add a reference to the Highway files.
  So far, the exercise has been useful to me to learn Nevada geography. I have formed no feelings about the usefulness of this approach in learning about the ecology of a region. Try it out and let me know what you think. E-Mail me at tom@schweich.com. I'll be happy to post your comments, or input about ecological sites. Be sure to note whether I may post your comments when you send them.
If you have a question or a comment you may write to me at: tomas@schweich.com I sometimes post interesting questions in my FAQ, but I never disclose your full name or address.  

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