Eastern Mojave Vegetation Harbor Bay Parkway, Alameda, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Since Harbor Bay Parkway makes a semi-circle, there is no way to conveniently represent it in a linear file, such as the format below. Suffice it to say, by the time you get to Peet's below, you'll be convinced I've got the street upside down.

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• Doolittle Drive:   at Harbor Bay Pkwy;  

Junction: Doolittle Drive

Full Size ImageBicycle path across Maitland Drive.  
To access the well-signed bicycle path across Maitland Drive, bicyclists must ride their bicycle in the crosswalk.

Other articles:
• Maitland Drive:   at Harbor Bay Pkwy;  

Junction: Maitland Drive
  Junction: Ron Cowan Parkway
  Unknown Road
  Junction: Road C

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• South Loop Road:   at HBPkwy-East;  

Junction: South Loop Road,east, and Road B

Other articles:
• North Loop Road:   at Harbor Bay Pkwy;
• South Loop Road:   at HBPkwy-West;

Locations: Harbor Bay Business Park, Alameda.  

Junction: North Loop Road, east, and South Loop Road, west.
  Peet's Coffee & Tea, headquarters and roasting plant.

Other articles:
• North Loop Road:   at Harbor Bay Pkwy;  

Junction: North Loop Road, west.

Other articles:
• Adelphian Way:   at Hbr Bay Pkwy;
• Bay Edge Road:   at Harbor Bay Parkway;  

  • Adelphian Way, through the Ferry Terminal Parking Lot, intersects with Mecartney Road, then along the waterfront to Creedon Circle.
  • Bay Edge Road, into the residential area at Aughinbaugh Way and Ratto Road.
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