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- Reynolds, Robert E. and Jennifer Reynolds, 1995.  

There is some thought that "Caruthers" should be spelled with two r's as "Carruthers." This is apparently noted in books by Ausmus and Casebier. Also, Figure 17 on page 21 of Reynolds and Reynolds (1995) implies that Carruthers may be an alternate spelling of Caruthers. However, Caruthers seems to be the adopted spelling for use on maps, etc.

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Locations: Giant Ledge Mine.
Full Size ImageGiant Ledge Mine, Caruthers Canyon, New York Mountains.  

Full Size Image
Collection No. 186, Frasera albomarginata, desert elkweed.
The Giant Ledge Mine was copper mine, with minor amounts of lead, in the head of Caruthers Canyon. You can read more about the Giant Ledge Mine in my page on Eastern Mojave Geology.

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Locations: Caruthers Canyon.
Full Size ImageThe "Giant Ledge," a quartz dike in Caruthers Canyon.  

I believe this quartz dike is the "Giant Ledge" after which the Giant Ledge Mine was named. The mine itself is on the other side of the ridge in the middle ground.

Locations: Caruthers Canyon.
Full Size ImageCaruthers Canyon.  

My dad in Caruthers Canyon, below the Giant Ledge Mine, after a November rainstorm.

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Full Size ImageUnusual deep weathering pattern.  

Unusual deep weathering pattern in granite, Caruthers Canyon.

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Full Size ImagePetrophyton caespitosum in Caruthers Canyon.
Full Size ImageMy house is your house  

High on the walls of Caruthers Canyon, above the granite intruding the limestone, is the mat-forming Rock Spiraea (Petrophyton caespitosum) growing in the broken limestone on a west-facing slope. This photograph was taken in March, 1988, so the flower spike is the remains from the previous growing season.

Full Size ImageUnusual rock formation in Caruthers Canyon.  
This unusual rock formation is found at the end of the road in Caruthers Canyon. There are several informal camp sites here. This rock is often photographed because of its intriguing shape. It forms part of my evidence showing that Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg incorrectly identified Caruthers Canyon as Fourth of July Canyon while collecting plants here in 1940.

Full Size ImageCaruthers Canyon in June, 2000.  

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Full Size ImageYerba santa in Caruthers Canyon.  

Road drops off a bank, continues north.
  OX Ranch well and tank.

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Junction: New York Mountain Road
  I have never traveled on Caruthers Canyon Road between New York Mountain Road and Cedar Canyon Road. Years ago, the road was supposed to be difficult but passable. Be careful!

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Junction: Cedar Canyon Road
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