Eastern Mojave Vegetation Fish Slough Road, Inyo and Mono Counties, California  

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Part of the Fish Slough wetland was pioneered by Phillip Keough in 1890, who set up a stage stop near the northwest spring. The Fish Slough Road became a main wagon route to the prosperous mining camps of Benton Hot Springs, Bodie and Aurora. Freight and supplies were transported on this route, which also served as a cattle driveway. Settlers traveled this rutted and sandy road from as far north as Reno and Carson City.

  Junction: Black Rock Mine Road
  Junction: Chidago Canyon Road

Full Size ImagePetroglyphs at Fish Slough  
Petroglyphs near Fish Slough.

Full Size ImageCow camp at Fish Slough  
Cow Camp near Fish Slough.



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Locations: Fish Slough.  

Fish Slough

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Field Trip Day 2
Field Trip Stop 2-2, "Fish Slough," of the 2009 Desert Symposium (Reynolds and Jessey, 2009). Fault-aligned springs at Fish Slough have created a unique biological oasis containing rare or threatened species of plants and animals. The East Side Bluff is five miles long and 300 feet high. The boulders and cliffs of the fault scarps offer excellent hunting, perching, and nesting sites for raptors.

Full Size ImageSpring at Fish Slough
Full Size ImageFish weir in Fish Slough  
Spring in Fish Slough

Full Size ImageFish Slough  
View of Fish Slough to the northeast, White Mountains at left.

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