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Full Size ImageGeothermal Well near Mammoth Lakes.  

Geothermal Well.

Sign says: Well No. 44 16, Lease ?A-740, Operator: Mammoth Pacific, (760) 934-4893

5190047, 44-16, Magma 44 -16, Magma Power Company, Inyo Dome Fed Un, 37.6864, -119.0034, Elev: 2450, Drilled: 1799, Logged: 1451, 1, Date Logged: 27JUN05, Logged by Colin Williams & Frederick Grubb using USGS logging truck

Unocalís deep well IDFU 44-16 penetrated the caldera fill, Tertiary volcanic rocks and metamorphic rocks to a depth of 2000m near the Inyo Craters (Figure 6). The well encountered temperatures of 218oC at 1100m, the highest yet measured in Long Valley, but proved unproductive because of a limited thickness of reservoir rocks and the incursion of cold water beneath the production zone (Suemnicht, G. A., 1987, "Results of Deep Drilling in the Western Moat of Long Valley, CA," EOS, Vol. 68, No. 40, pp. 785-998.). Quoted in: Gene A. Suemnicht [EGS Inc., Santa Rosa, CA 95403], LONG VALLEY CALDERA GEOTHERMAL AND MAGMATIC SYSTEMS, [Long Valley Caldera, Field Trip, May 27, 2011], California Geothermal Energy Collaborative, Long Valley, California

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Junction: Forest Road 3S23 "Mammoth Scenic Loop"
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