Eastern Mojave Vegetation Owenyo - Lone Pine Road, Inyo County, California  

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  Junction: Manzanar - Reward Road

Literature Cited:
- Reynolds, Robert E., and David R. Jessey, 2009.

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• Maps:   4 Apr 2009;
Full Size ImageField Trip Day 3  

Field Trip Stop 3-4 of the 2009 Desert Symposium (Reynolds and Jessey, 2009).

The thick Jurassic marine section at Union Canyon contains ammonites. The Eclipse ditch crosses the rail bed and joins the McIver Canal, and may have provided water for extensive agricultural fields east of Owenyo. Both flow south toward the mill at Swansea.

  Junction: Lone Pine Narrow Gauge Road

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• Dolomite Road:   at Owenyo - Lone Pine Rd;  

Junction: Dolomite Road
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