Eastern Mojave Vegetation Tinemaha Road, Inyo County, California  

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Home Page  Parallels US Highway 395 between Fort Independence and Fish Springs

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• Fish Springs Road:   at Tinemaha Rd;  

Junction: Fish Springs Road

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• Griffith Road:   at Tinemaha Rd;  

Junction: Griffith Road

Literature Cited:
- Reynolds, Robert E., and David R. Jessey, 2009.

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• Maps:   4 Apr 2009;

Locations: Poverty Hills.  

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Field Trip Day 1
Field Trip Stop 1-7, "Poverty Hills," of the 2009 Desert Symposium. Two models have been proposed for the origin of the Poverty Hills. The most recent model during the past couple of decades suggests the hills are a tectonic uplift created by horizontal shortening at a left step in the right-lateral Owens Valley fault zone. A recently advocated second model suggests the hills are a landslide mass derived from the Inyo Mountains, although the landslide model was first suggested in the 1960s, based on a gravity survey of the valley (Reynolds and Jessey, 2009).
  Junction: Fuller Road
  Junction: Black Rock Springs Road

Locations: Sawmill Creek.  

Cross Sawmill Creek. To the west is Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Meadow, Sawmill Lake, Sawmill Point, and Sawmill Pass. There are collections of Frasera puberulenta from Sawmill Creek, Sawmill Meadow, and Sawmill Pass.

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• U. S. Highway 395:   at Timemaha Rd;  

Junction: US Highway 395
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