Eastern Mojave Vegetation Cowtrack Mountain Road, Mono County, California  

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Home Page  The is not really a Cowtrack Mountain Road. This is more of a route, than a single road. There is a Forest Service Road 1N06 that leaves California Highway 120 along this route. However, it is not clear how much of this route is comprised by Forest Service roads.

Locations: Mono Lake.
Full Size ImageMono Lake and the Mono Basin as seen from Cowtrack Mountain  

End of Road, top of Cowtrack Mountain.
  Junction: Road north to Cowtrack Spring.

At the bottom of the hill the road north goes to Cowtrack Spring.

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Locations: Cowtrack Mountain.
Full Size ImageSummit of Cowtrack Mountain  

  Cross small divide into Cowtrack Spring drainage.

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Locations: Cowtrack Mountain.
Full Size ImageFlat area near top of Cowtrack Mountain  

This flat area near the top of Cowtrack Mountain is several miles long by more than a mile wide.
  Junction: Road northwest.

This road goes northwest, then turns west to a rim overlooking Indian Spring.

  Cross small divide. To the north, drainage is into Mono Lake basin. To the south, through Granite Basin into Adobe Valley.
  Junction at Water Tank. Cowtrack Mountain Road turns northwest and climbs out of Granite Basin.

Full Size ImageA portion of Cowtrack Mountain Road  

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Full Size ImageCalochortus beside Cowtrack Mountain Road  

Calochortus beside the road.
  Top of mountain

Locations: Glass Mountain.
Full Size ImageGlass Mountain from Cowtrack Mountain Road  

View of Glass Mountain to the south.

Locations: Cowtrack Mountain.
Full Size ImageView southwest from Cowtrack Mountain  

View to the southwest, back towards California Highway 120.

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Junction: Forest Road 01S172, McPherson Grade

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Junction: California Highway 120

Full Size ImageView of Cowtrack Mountain Road from CA Hwy 120  
View of the southern portion of Cowtrack Mountain Road from California Highway 120.
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