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• California Highway 203:   at Old Mammoth;  

Junction: California Highway 203, Main Street



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Locations: Valentine Reserve Ecological Study Area.
Full Size ImageEntrance of Valentine Reserve.  

Valentine Eastern Sierra Reserve




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Locations: Mill City.
Full Size ImageThe largest thing remaining at Mill City.  

Mill City Trailhead

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Grave near Mill City.
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Mill City trailhead.

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Locations: Mammoth Rock.
Full Size ImageMammoth Rock from Panorama Dome.  

Mammoth Rock Trailhead.



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Full Size ImagePlaque for Mammoth City
Full Size ImageMammoth City  

Mammoth City

Mammoth City
On this site, opposite colorful Mineral Hill (now known as Red Mountain) where the Mammoth Mines are located, stood the town of Mammoth City. In this gulch during 1878-79 sprouted a mining camp of perhaps a thousand people. Mammoth City -- the center for the nearby, smaller camps of Pine City, Mill City, and Mineral Park -- is said to have has 22 saloons, 13 stores, 2 breweries, 2 livery stables, 5 restaurants, and 2 newspapers. Remember that a ten foot square tent or shack plus a barrel of whiskey were all that was needed to make a "saloon." The Mammoth Mining Company shut down permanently during the severe winter of 1878-80 causing a mass exodus of residents. A daily news report stated "twenty pairs of showshoes, each with a man on top, left this morning."
Plaque Dedicated September 8, 1984
Bodie Chapter No. 64
E Clampus Vitus

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• Lake Mary Road:   at Old Mammoth Road;  

Junction: Lake Mary Road
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