Eastern Mojave Vegetation Harvard Road, San Bernardino County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  North and south, across the Mojave River Valley, east of Barstow.

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• Power Line Road #2 (Middle):   at Harvard Rd;  

Junction: Powerline Road

Literature Cited:
- Reynolds, Robert E., 2011.

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• Field Notes:  23 Apr 2011;

Locations: Lime Hill.  

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Field discussion of the geology in today's field trip.
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Looking at bedded limestone on Lime Hill
Junction: Temecula Street, access to Lime Hill.
  Junction: Serena Street
  Junction: Hacienda Street

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• Interstate 15:   at Harvard Road;  

Junction: US Interstate 15

Other articles:
• Yermo Road:   at Harvard Rd;  

Junction: Yermo Road
  Cross railroad tracks.

Other articles:
• Cherokee Street:   at Harvard Rd;  

Junction: Cherokee Road
  Cross Rodeo Drive and Phylmar Road.

Other articles:
• Power Line Road:   at Harvard Rd;  

Junction: Powerline Road, access to south side of Harvard Hill.

Other articles:
• Manix Road:   at Harvard Rd;  

Junction: Manix Road, north bank of river.

Locations: Mojave River.  

Cross Mojave River.
  Junction: Mojave Trail, south bank of river.

Other articles:
• Riverside Road:   at Harvard Road;  

Junction: Riverside Road, west 1 mile to Newberry Road.
  Junction: Valley Center Road
  Junction: Palo Verde Lane

End of Harvard Road

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