Eastern Mojave Vegetation Unknown Road, San Bernardino County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Unknown Road giving access to quarry in southern portion of Harvard Hill.

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Locations: Harvard Hill.
Full Size ImageStructure of south Harvard Hill  

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David Miller shows the location of the thrust fault.
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View south across Mojave River from Harvard Hill.
STOP M - 1. South Harvard Hill stratigraphy and structure. Walk south to the contact between silicified limestone forming a high ridge and the sands that lie to the southwest of that ridge, then proceed upsection across the ridge, across another ridge and to the dark hill on the northeast. We will discuss the basal thrust fault that places Miocene limestone of the Barstow Formation over Pleistocene deposits of Lake Manix, the stratigraphic sequence above the limestone and its significance, and a higher thrust fault and overlying lake sediments, tuff, and rock-avalanche breccia.

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Junction: Unknown Rd, around the west side of Harvard Hill.

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Junction: Manix Road
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