Eastern Mojave Vegetation Unknown Road, San Bernardino County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Unknown Road from Manix to Wetterman (Blaire) Ranch.

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Full Size ImageAir Photo showing Buwalda Ridge and Manix Wash
Full Size ImageField discussion of the history of Lake Manix  

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The Mojave River flows past Buwalda Ridge.
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Field discussion of the source of the Manix Ash in the Lake anix sediments
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Two fossil bones weathered out of Lake Manix sediments.
Full Size Image
Discussion of the depositional environment of the Lake Manix sediments.
STOP Q -5 Wetterman (Blaire) Ranch. Discuss USGS core (Reheis, This Vol.). Walk down through badlands and examine sediments of deep lake, alluvial tongues into lake, mudflats, and fluviodeltaic environments.
  Wetterman (Blaire) Ranch

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  Manix VORTAC

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Junction: Manix Road
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