Eastern Mojave Vegetation Elkhorn Road, San Luis Obispo County, California  

Tom Schweich  

Home Page  Extends most of the length of Carrizo Plain, keeping to the east side of the valley, winding in and out among strands of the San Andreas Fault.

Other articles:
• Seven Mile Road:   at Elkhorn Rd;  

Junction: Seven Mile Road



Wallace Creek

  Junction: (This road seems to have at least three names.)
  • Calhoun Road, this name is shown on maps.
  • Panorama Road, this name appears on a BLM sign at Soda Lake Road.
  • Soda Lake San Diego Creek Road, this name appears on county road signs.
  Junction: (This road appears to have at least two names.)
  • Hurricane Road. This name appears on maps.
  • Soda Lake San Diego Creek Road. This name appear on county road signs.
  Road to Elkhorn Scarp
  Junction: Elkhorn Scarp Road

Other articles:
• Soda Lake Road:   at Elkhorn Road;  

Junction: Soda Lake Road
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