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• Wildrose Road:   at Trona-Wildrose Rd;  

Junction: Wildrose Road

The junction between these two roads is part-way up the alluvial fan, 5.8 miles from the junction with Panamint Valley Road. I have no idea why the road junction is here.

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• Panamint Valley Road:  Trona-Wildrose Road;  

Junction:Panamint Valley Road

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• Indian Ranch Road:   at Trona-Wildrose;  

Junction:Indian Ranch Road



Locations: Panamint Valley.  

Panamint Valley


Locations: Argus Range.  

Argus Range to the west.

Literature Cited:
- Pavlik, Bruce Michael, 1985.

Locations: Ballarat Dunes.  

Junction: Ballarat Road, east to Ballarat and the Ballarat Dunes.

Full Size ImagePanamint Valley and Panamint Range  



Locations: Great Falls Basin.  

Great Falls Basin

West of the Trona Wildrose Road. Also known as Great Falls Canyon.



Locations: Ophir Mine. Stockwell Mine. Valley Wells.  

Valley Wells

East of Trona Wildrose Road. The Stockwell Mine and Ophir Mine are east of Valley Wells on the west slopes of the Slate Range.

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• Trona Road:   at Trona-Wildrose Road;  

Junction: Trona Road
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