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• 32th Avenue:   at Eldridge;  

Traffic Circle: W. 32nd Avenue
  W. 30th Avenue
  Braun Road
  Berry Road
  Crabapple Place
  Crabapple Road, east.
  Crabapple Road, west.
  W. 26th Avenue
  Eldridge Circle
  Creighton Circle
  W. 25th Place, Coors Drive

Locations: South Table Mountain Park.  

Intersection: Foothill Circle, to South Table Mountain Park access at the end of Old Quarry Road.
  W. 23rd Avenue
  Elderberry Road
  W. 22nd Avenue, east
  W. 22nd Avenue, west
  W. 21st Avenue
  W. 20th Place
  Braun Drive
  Intersection: W. 20th Avenue
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