Eastern Mojave Vegetation Forest Road 520 “Rio Grande Reservoir Road,” Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado  

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Stony Pass


Lost Trail Campground


Locations: Weminuche Creek.  

Weminuche Creek

Weminuche Creek is on the opposite (south) shore of Rio Grande Reservoir. At the top of Weminuche Pass there are two small ditches diverting water into Weminuche Creek from the watershed of the Los Pinos River.



Rio Grande Reservoir


Thirtymile Campground


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• Colorado Trans-Basin Water Transfer:  Williams Creek-Squaw Pass Ditch;

Locations: Squaw Creek.  

Squaw Creek enters the Rio Grande. The Williams Creek-Squaw Pass Ditch diverts water into Squaw Creek across Squaw Pass.

Road Canyon Reservoir



Bristol View Ranger Station

  Junction: Forest Road 521
  Junction: Forest Road 529.21

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Junction: Colorado State Highway 149
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