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2008 Tour de Swertia albomarginata
Mono Lake, August 2008
Literature Cited
 When I first read the field notes of Annie Alexander and Louise Kellogg, I was fascinated by the descriptions they wrote about the places they went and the plants and animals they found there. By publishing my field notes on the Internet I hope to follow a little bit in their tradition.



July, 2018




Locations: Kinney Run.  

Friday, July 7th

Illinois Avenue to Kinney Run

Other articles: Illinois Street at Deadman Gl
Full Size ImageColl. No. 1961, Solanum triflorum  

1961  Field identification: Solanum triflorum
  1962  Field identification: Schoenoplectus tabernaemontani
  1963  Field identification: Nyctaginaceae, later in the office: Mirabilis nyctaginea
  1964  Field identification: Scrophularia lanceolata
  1965  Field identification: Scirpus pallidus
  1966  Field identification: Ratibida columnifera
  1967  Field identification: Heterotheca villosa
  1968  Field identification: Thistle, later in-office guess: Carduus nutans
  1969  Field identification: Solidago, maybe S. nana.
  1970  Field identification: Lonicera, maybe L. morrowii



Locations: Ranson/Edwards Homestead Open Space Park.  

Friday, July 13th

  1971  Field identification: Nasella viridula


  1972  Field identification: Aristida purpurea


  1973  Field identification: Helianthus pumilus


  1974  Field identification: Eriogonum alatum

Also Coll. No. 1975 nearby.

  1975  Field identification: Eriogonum alatum

Also Coll. No. 1974 nearby.

  1976  Field identification: Elymus elymoides


  1977  Field identification: Monarda fistulosa


  1977.1  Field identification: Potentilla recta


  1977.2  Field identification: Lysimachia sp.


  1978  Field identification: Schoenoplectus tabermontanae


  1979  Field identification: Agrostis gigantea


  1980  Field identification: Agrostis stolonifera


  1981  Field identification: Muhlenbergia montana




Sunday, July 15th


Other articles: Alaska Street at 633 Alaska
Full Size ImageColl. No. 1982, Campanula glomerata
Full Size ImageLandscape that includes Campanula glomerata  

1982  Field identification: Enigmatus purpurea, office: Campanula glomerata “Genti Blue”

Full Size Image
Coll. No. 1982, Campanula glomerata

Coll. No. 1982, 15 July 2018, characters observed: Perennial herb, 40-50 cm., spreading by underground stems; Leaves, basal, withered at anthesis, cauline, alternate, sessile, lanceolate-oblong, 110 mm. × 41 mm. wide, reduced above, setose, crenate; Inflorescence, appears head-like, but flowers in crowded axils subtended by a reduced leaf 35 mm. × 20 mm. wide; Bract, leaf-like, 6 mm. × 2 mm. wide, triangular, strigose, crenulate, ciliate; Calyx, tube 4 mm. + lobes 7 mm., narrowly acuminate, sparsely ciliate; Hypanthium, 3.5 mm.; Corolla, tube 11 mm. + lobes 5 mm., color purple; Stamens, #5, included; Filaments, scale-like, white, hairy; Anthers, 4 mm., yellow. Ovary, inferior; Style, 12 mm.; Stigma, 3-lobed;



Locations: Upper Washington Avenue Open Space.  

Thursday, July 19th

Upper Washington Avenue Open Space as a pre-walk for my field trip on Saturday, July 21st.



Locations: Ranson/Edwards Homestead Open Space Park.  

Friday, July 20th

Ranson/Edwards Homestead Open Space as a pre-walk for my field trip on Sunday.
  1983  Field identification: Saponaria officinalis




Monday, July 23rd

Golden to Leadville


Other articles: CO Highway 91 at Fremont Pass

Locations: Climax. Fremont Pass.
Full Size ImageSmall interpretive exhibit about Climax at Fremont Pass.  


Full Size Image
Climax: Where Colorado History is Still Being Made
Full Size Image
Fremont Station Observatory
Full Size Image
Climax Interpretive Site

Other articles: Forest Road 134 near bottom

Locations: Chalk Creek.
Full Size ImageWonder what is buried here …  

Collecting at Chalk Creek

Full Size Image
Collecting Locality, Coll. Nos. 1984-90
Full Size Image
Collecting Locality, Coll. Nos. 1984-90
  1984  Field identification: Lupinus sp.


  1985  Field Identification: Linanthus sp.


  1986  Field identification: Heterotheca sp.


  1987  Field identification: Campanula rotundifolia, determination tentative.


  1988  Field identification: Erigeron/i> sp.


  1989  Field identification: Potentilla sp.


  1990  Field identification: Hymenoxys sp.


Other articles: Colorado Highway 300 at hatchery

Locations: Leadville National Fish Hatchery.
Full Size ImageLeadville National Fish Hatchery  

Leadville National Fish Hatchery

Full Size Image
Leadville National Fish Hatchery
Full Size Image
View of Leadville across the valley from the Leadville National Fish Hatchery.

Locations: Leadville.
Full Size ImageEvening thunder shower in Leadville  

In Leadville. Dinner at Tennessee Pass Café.




Tuesday, July 24th

Leadville to Aspen and return.


Other articles: CO-82 at Twin Lks

Locations: Twin Lakes.
Full Size ImageTwin Lakes Reservoir  

Twin Lakes


Other articles: CO-82 at Graham Gl Colorado Trans-Basin Water Transfer outlet

Locations: Graham Gulch.
Full Size ImageOutlet of Twin Lakes Tunnel.  

Graham Gulch


Literature Cited:
- Elliott, D. R., and D. L. Elliott, 1999.

Other articles: CO-82 at Brumley

Locations: Brumley.  


Full Size Image
View up-canyon from Brumley.
  1991  Field identification: Lupinus sp.


  1992  Field identification: Packera sp.


  1993  Field identification: Bromus sp.


  1994  Field identification: Muhlenbergia sp.


  1995  Field identification: Mimulus sp. s. l.


  1996  Field identification: Pedicularis sp.


Full Size ImageColl. No. 1997, Packera crocata  
1997  Field identification: Packera sp., maybe P. crocata


  1998  Field identification


  1999  Field identification: grass


  2000  Field identification: Castilleja sulphurea


  2000.1  Field identification: Swertia perennis


Other articles: CO-82 at Cty Line

Locations: Independence Pass. North Fork Lake Creek.
Full Size ImageSawatch Range from Independence Pass  

Independence Pass

Full Size Image
Valley of North Fork Lake Creek from Independence Pass
Full Size Image
On Independence Pass before our descent into Aspen.
  Lost Man Ditch


  An abortive picnic lunch in proletariat-hostile Aspen.

It had to do with an employee of the Aspen Welcome Center yelling at me that I was going to get a ticket if I parked there more than 15 minutes from the moment that I drove into the lot. Some spots were signed for 15 minutes; others including one I chose were not. Helpfully the employee called the meter maid to explain to me that the 15 minute rule applied to all spots in the lot regardless of signage or lack thereof. When we left at about the 20-25 minute mark, the other eight cars in the lot had not moved nor were they ticketed.

Other articles: CO-82 at Independence

Locations: Independence.
Full Size ImageThe Ghost Town of Independence  


Full Size Image
Independence, Colorado.
  North Fork Lake Creek


Other articles: US Highway 24 at narrows
Full Size ImageRoadside Interpretive Panel.  

Interpretive Panel — Granite, Lake County.


Other articles: US Highway 24 at 6th St. at 4th St.

Locations: Leadville.
Full Size ImageHow Leadville solves the neighborhood parking problem.  

In Leadville

Full Size Image
Downtown Leadville
Full Size Image
Downtown Leadville
We walked downtown for dinner at Treeline Kitchen. I had the bruschetta and the duck confit. The tomato on the bruschetta was a roast tomato, pretty good. The duck was good, but I didn't think the beans were fully cooked. Cheryl assured me that they were cooked to her liking.



Wednesday, July 25th

Today we north of Leadville on US Highway 24. I wanted to see Burton Ditch at Tennessee Pass, and Wurtz Ditch nearby, and find an interesting place to collect up that way. I was envisioning an open meadow.

Other articles: US Highway 24 at Tennessee Park

Locations: Tennessee Park.
Full Size ImageView southwest in Tennessee Park  

Tennessee Park

Full Size Image
View northwest of Tennessee Park.
As near as I can tell, nothing particularly significant occurred in the moderately-sized Tennessee Park.

Other articles: US Highway 24 at Tennessee Pass

Locations: Tennessee Pass.
Full Size ImageTennessee Pass  

Tennessee Pass

At Tennessee Pass is the 10th Mountain Division Memorial. There was also a memorial to the 99th Batallion that was comprised of Norwegian citizens and Americans of Norwegian descent.

Other articles: Forest Road 101 near Cooper Hill at Burton Ditch Colorado Trans-Basin Water Transfer Ewing Ditch

Locations: Burton Ditch.
Full Size ImageWater from the Burton Ditch flows into the Arkansas River basin.  

Burton Ditch and Cooper Ski Hill.

Full Size Image
Sawatch Range west of Tennessee Pass.
Full Size Image
Cooper Hill Ski Area
Full Size Image
Burton Ditch gaging station at the continental divide.

Other articles: Forest Road 705 80000 Colorado Trans-Basin Water Transfer 22050 22060

Locations: Wurts Ditch.
Full Size ImageWater in the Wurtz Ditch crosses the contenental Divide.  

Wurtz Ditch

Full Size Image
Water enters the Arkansas River basin from the Wurtz Ditch.
The Wurtz Ditch Road is pretty good. It has one short, steep section with a little erosion.

Other articles: Forest Road 131 at coll. loc

Locations: North Fork West Tennessee Creek.
Full Size ImageAbandoned beaver pond on North Fork West Tennessee Creek.  

North Fork West Tennessee Creek

Forest Road 131 to Lily Lake and beyond was pretty rough. I got as far as the crossing of North Fork West Tennessee Creek, then parked. I collected right around there, and we did not get as far as Lily Lake.

  2001  Field identification: unknown Liliaceae


  2002  Field identification: Brassicaceae


  2003  Field identification: Senecio sp.


  2004  Field identification: Rhodiola sp., maybe R. rhodantha


  2005  Field identification: Erigeron sp.


  2006  Field identification: Arnica sp.


  2007  Field identification: Rumex crispus


  2008  Field identification: Epilobium sp.


  2009  Field identification: Solidago sp


  2010  Field identification: discoid Asteraceae


  2011  Field identification: grass


Other articles: County Road 21 at D&RGW shanty US Highway 24 at CR 21
Full Size ImageEriogonum jamesii beside the D&RGW track.
Full Size ImageShanty and signal mast, all vnadalized.  

Tennessee Pass on the D&RGW

Full Size Image
East portal of the Tennessee Pass Tunnel
Full Size Image
East portal of the Tennessee Pass Tunnel
Full Size Image
East portal of the Tennessee Pass Tunnel
We drove down County Road 21 a short distance to the D&RGW tracks at Tennessee Pass. Along the way we passed some foundations. Older maps show there were buildings here, which I assume were for railroad workers. At trackside was a couple of vandalized shanties and signal equipment. A lot of the copper cabling has been cut away. The tunnel portal is extensively tagged. We had a quiet lunch here with a view of the Sawatch Mountains in the distance.
  In Leadville

After a short rest we walked into downtown Leadville for dinner a second night at Treeline Kitchen. I had the bruschetta again and the roast steak. It was pretty good.



Literature Cited:
- Wilson, Anna Burack, and P. K. Sims, 2003.

Locations: Leadville.
Full Size Image#641 on display in Leadville.  

Thursday, July 26th

Leadville to Golden

C&S Engine 641, the line's last operating standard-gauge steam locomotive, used on the Climax-Leadville run until 1962.

Other articles: US Highway 24 at Crane Park

Locations: Crane Park.
Full Size ImageCrane Park where we saw a moose cow and two calves.  

Moose in Crane Park


Other articles: US Highway 24 at Camp Hale

Locations: Camp Hale.
Full Size ImageCamp Hale.  

Camp Hale

Camp Hale, between Red Cliff and Leadville in the Eagle River valley in Colorado, was a U.S. Army training facility constructed in 1942 for what became the 10th Mountain Division. It was named for General Irving Hale and was at an elevation of 9,200 feet (2,800 m) above sea level. Onslow S. Rolfe, who had developed mountain warfare techniques as commander of the 87th Mountain Infantry Regiment, was selected to command Camp Hale. Alpine and Nordic skiing, cold-weather survival as well as various weapons and ordnance. When it was in full operation, approximately 15,000 soldiers were housed there.

Other articles: US Highway 24 near Red Cliff

Locations: Red Cliff.
Full Size ImageEagle Street in Red Cliff  

Red Cliff

Full Size Image
Water Street in Red Cliff
Red Cliff is off of US Highway 24 to the east. The town is a former mining camp situated in the canyon of the upper Eagle River just off U.S. Highway 24 north of Tennessee Pass. It was founded in 1879 during the Colorado Silver Boom by miners from Leadville who came over Tennessee Pass scouting for better prospects. The name derives from the red quartzite cliffs surrounding the town. As the first community in the Eagle Valley, it served temporarily as the first county seat of Eagle County.

Literature Cited:
- Wilson, Anna Burack, and P. K. Sims, 2003.

Other articles: US Highway 24 near Gilman

Locations: Gilman.  


Full Size Image
Gilman and the Eagle Mine.
Full Size Image
Gilman and the Eagle Mine.
Full Size Image
Gilman is an abandoned mining town in southeastern Eagle County, Colorado, United States. Founded in 1886 during the Colorado Silver Boom, the town later became a center of lead and zinc mining in Colorado, centered on the now-flooded Eagle Mine. The station on the D&RGW along the Eagle River below was named Belden.

Other articles: US Highway 24 at Minturn

Locations: Minturn.
Full Size ImageThe Turntable Restaurant in Minturn  


Full Size Image
D&RGW yard in Minturn.
Full Size Image
Downtown Minturn
Minturn was developed primarily as a railroad town in the late 1800s. The Rio Grande railroad line extended across the state of Colorado and Minturn was an important railroad division point. Railroad workers from around the country settled in Minturn, where they installed extra engines in railroad cars for more power over steep mountain passes.
  to Golden


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