Eastern Mojave Vegetation Hualapai Valley, Mohave County, Arizona.

Query: G.N.I.S.

See also: Peacock Mountain.

See also: Hualapai Mountains.

Elevation: 4439ft, 1353m.

Literature Referring To This Location:

  • Duebendorfer, Ernest M., Kevin R. Chamberlain, and Bill Fry. 2006. Mojave-Yavapai boundary zone, southwestern United States: A rifting model for the formation of an isotopically mixed crustal boundary zone. Geology. 34(8):681-684. {TAS-pdf}
  • Faulds, J.E., Howard, K.A., Duebendorfer, E.M.,. 2008. Cenozoic evolution of the abrupt Colorado Plateau–Basin and Range boundary, northwest Arizona: A tale of three basins, immense lacustrine-evaporite deposits, and the nascent Colorado River. pp. 119–151 in Duebendorfer, E.M., and Smith, E.I.,. Field Guide to Plutons, Volcanoes, Faults, Reefs, Dinosaurs, and Possible Glaciation in Selected Areas of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Geological Society of America Field Guide 11. Boulder, CO: Geological Society of America, 2008. {TAS-pdf}
No collections made at this location.
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