Eastern Mojave Vegetation Colorado River, Imperial County, California.

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See also: Colorado River.

See also: Salton Trough.

The Colorado River has delivered a large volume of sediment to the Salton Trough and the northern Gulf of California over the past 56 m.y., supplying felsic material that is quickly buried and metamorphosed to form a new generation of crust transferred from the craton interior. The elevation drop of ~2000 m from the Colorado Plateau to the Salton Trough was created by Tertiary extensional collapse of the Cordilleran orogenic belt, and represents significant potential energy that drives the modern source-to-sink conveyer belt (Dorsey, 2010).

Elevation: 3ft, 1m.

Literature Referring To This Location:

  • Dorsey, Rebecca J. 2010. Sedimentation and crustal recycling along an active oblique-rift margin: Salton Trough and northern Gulf of California. Geology. 38(5):443-446. {TAS-pdf}
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