Eastern Mojave Vegetation Modoc Mine, Inyo County, California.

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The Modoc Mine was discovered in 1875. With rich deposits of Silver-Lead ore, it was sold to a group of investors which included George Hearst, the famed mining engineer, U.S. Senator, and father of William Randolph Hearst. The Modoc Consolidated Mining Company was formed with the Modoc mine as the principal mine. Together with the discovery of other nearby mines, which included the Minnietta Belle below Lookout Mountain, these mines formed the basis for the Modoc District with the townsite of Lookout located on top of Lookout Mountain. To supply the furnaces with charcoal, 10 beehive-shaped charcoal kilns were built in Wildrose Canyon 25 miles away, and a steady stream of burros delivered charcoal in sacks to Lookout City via a pack trail on the east side of Lookout Mountain.

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