Eastern Mojave Vegetation Alameda Well, Mono County, California.

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Well on eastern shore of Mono Lake.

Elevation: 6778ft, 2066m.

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  • TAS – The plant was collected by Tom Schweich.
  • Oth – The plant was collected by someone, but not Tom.
  • Obs – The plant was observed, but not collected.




Chrysothamnus viscidiflorus (Hook.) Nutt. puberulus (D. C. Eaton) H. M. Hall & Clem. Yellow Rabbitbrush (Oth)


Tiquilia nuttallii (Hook.) A. T. Richardson. Nuttall's Crinklemat (TAS)


Astragalus lentiginosus Hook. floribundus A. Gray. Freckled Milkvetch (TAS)

Astragalus pseudiodanthus Tonopah Milk-Vetch. Barneby (Oth)

Lupinus pusillus Pursh intermontanus (A. Heller) C. P. Sm. Intermountain Lupine (Oth)

Ladeania lanceolata (Pursh) A. N. Egan & Reveal. Dune Scurfpea (TAS)


Orobanche corymbosa (Rydb.) Ferris. Flat-Top Broomrape (TAS)


Eriogonum nummulare M. E. Jones. Money Buckwheat (TAS)



Stipa hymenoides Roem. & Schult. Indian Rice Grass (TAS)

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