Eastern Mojave Vegetation Copper Mountain, Mono County, California.

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See also: Copper Mountain. Lundy Canyon.

See also: Copper Mountain.

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East face of the mountain on north side of Lundy Canyon. This location has the only significant limestone deposit in the Mono Basin. It was defined to simplify placement of plant collections. For other information, please see the entry for Copper Mountain.

Elevation: 9452ft, 2881m.

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  • Dohrenwend, J. C. 1982. Map Showing Late Cenozoic Faults in the Walker Lake 1 By 2 Quadrangle, Nevada - California. Miscellaneous Field Studies Map MF-1382-D. Washington, DC: United States Geological Survey, 1982. {TAS-map}

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Species collected at or near this location.

This list summarizes plants collected or observed at this specific, named location. It does not include plants collected or observed at nearby named or unnamed locations. It may be more instructive to use the Area Lists that contain this location.

  • TAS – The plant was collected by Tom Schweich.
  • Oth – The plant was collected by someone, but not Tom.
  • Obs – The plant was observed, but not collected.



Balsamorhiza sagittata (Pursh) Nutt. Arrow-Leaf Balsamroot (TAS)


Cryptantha confertiflora (Greene) Payson. Basin Yellow Cryptantha (TAS)

Phacelia heterophylla Pursh virgata (Greene) Heckard. Varileaf Phacelia (TAS)


Physaria kingii (S. Watson) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz. King Bladderpod (Oth)

Streptanthus oliganthus Rollins. Masonic Mountain Jewelflower (Oth)


Astragalus whitneyi A. Gray whitneyi. Balloonpod Milkvetch (TAS)


Eriogonum microthecum Nutt. laxiflorum Hook. Slender Buckwheat (TAS+Oth)


Ceanothus velutinus Dougl. Snowbush Ceanothus (TAS)


Galium multiflorum Kellogg. Many-Flower Bedstraw (TAS)

Galium sparsiflorum W. Wight sparsiflorum. Sequoia Bedstraw (Oth)

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