Eastern Mojave Vegetation Ladwig Properties Mine, Jefferson County, Colorado.

Query: G.N.I.S.

This is a GNIS entry, and a listing from Jefferson County Planning & Zoning. GNIS places this mine on North Table Mountain. However, it is more likely that the mine is actually on Cressman's Gulch, three miles to the west.

Address: 3 miles northwest of Golden

In 1963 this uranium mine was operated by the Cotter Corporation and operated with two men for 50 days. In 1975 this mine was operated by the Reserve Oil and Mineral Corp. for 90 days with four employees. 1972 Colowest Development Co. operated 150 days with six employees 1976 Energy Fields Nuclear, Inc. operated 40 days withs 3 employees. 1976, 2000 tons of ore 1975 Golden Mining Corp. operated 240 days with five men 1968 Kerr-McGee Oil Corp. operated 120 days with five men 1971 Reserve Oil and Mineral Corp. had an eight foot by eight foot tunnel in about 3,500 feet to face.

Quad Map/Date: 394651 N, 1051610 W, Ralston Buttes, 1965 (1994)
Sec/Town/Range: S18, T3S, R70W
Source: Operator's Annual Report 1963, Colorado Bureau of Mines; Operator's Annual Report 1975, Colorado Bureau of Mines
Last Modified: Mon, December 3 2012

Source: http://jeffco.us/placenames/search3.cfm?ps_oid=1371710&search=, retrieved 4 March 2016.

Elevation: 6466ft, 1971m.

No collections made at this location.
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