Eastern Mojave Vegetation Windfall Mine, Eureka County, Nevada.

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Norse-Windfall Mill Site, Eureka County, Nevada

The Norse-Windfall Mill Site is located 5 miles south of Eureka, Nevada. It is located in the Diamond Valley hydrographic basin in which perennial springs are prolific in the mountainous regions south of Eureka, with many flowing springs existing at the mill site. The Windfall Mine was discovered in 1908, and was operated intermittently for about 30 years as an underground operation with a cyanide vat leach facility. Around 1968, Idaho Mining Corp. acquired the property and mined the same ore body via open pit methods. Between 1975 and 1978 the Windfall Pit, and associated cyanide heap-leach piles, waste dumps, mill process building, office and laboratory were constructed. The last operator of the site was Norse Windfall Mines, Inc. The site has been abandoned since 1989 and little or no reclamation has occurred. In July 1994, the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection conducted a compliance inspection of the site and noted that unmaintained process components and materials left scattered about the property may have the potential to cause environmental damage by degrading the waters of the state.

Springs located within the site exceed the Nevada Water Quality Standards for arsenic, mercury, nickel, and cyanide. Within a 4-mile radius of the site, six municipal springs and one domestic well provide drinking water for Eureka. Water from the nearby springs are blended and pumped into 2 water tanks located just outside of Eureka. This water serves as the main water supply for the entire town.

Elevation: 7700ft, 2347m.

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