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  California, Mono County, Copper Mountain
Excerpt from: Crawford, J. J., 1894, Twelfth Report of the State Mineralogist. California State Mining Bureau.

Goleta Mine (Quartz).—It is on the eastern base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, 6 miles N.E. of Lundy. It is one of a series of mines on an immense ore deposit running N. and S. This has not yet been opened sufficiently to show its pitch; the eastern wall is limestone, the western a porphyry-like rock. On the eastern side of this deposit is a vein of copper ore (malachite), 6 to 20 ft. in width, and averaging 8 per cent of metallic copper. The copper carbonate impregnates an exceedingly crushed and decomposed rock. On the west is the gold and silver vein. This is much decomposed on the surface and in most of the workings, the quartz being honeycombed and in places almost replaced by the decomposed rock-mass and iron oxides. The quartz is evidently a replacement of the rock along the mineralized zone. The deposit is opened by two tunnels. The lower one is 1,190 ft. long and has not yet cut the ore body. The upper tunnel is 359 ft. above, and has a length of 360 ft. The copper vein has been drifted on N. 156 ft. and S. 182 ft. The upper tunnel runs through the quartz vein 67 ft. without striking the western wall. A drift has been run N. 40 ft. and S. 30 ft. From the south drift a winze has been sunk 56 ft. There are two cross-cuts on the vein from the north drift, 23 and 47 ft., without reaching the western wall. From the south drift two other cross-cuts have been run, respectively 38 and 49 ft. long. In places the decomposed ore is replaced by hard quartz, carrying iron sulphurets. The value of the ore is about equally distributed between gold and silver. On the same mine to the south and 400 ft. above, a shaft has been sunk 65 ft. on the vein. At this point the vein is 24 ft. wide. This is perhaps the largest ore deposit in the county, being traceable for over 7,000 ft. See our VIIIth Report, pp. 364 to 365. Goleta Mining Company, 330 Pine Street, San Francisco, owners.

Montecito Mine (Quartz).—It lies 6 miles N.E. of Lundy, and joins the Goleta on the south. On this claim two tunnels have been run, 33 and 80 ft. long, respectively, cross-cutting the vein, but without reaching the western wall. A shaft has been sunk 40 ft. The character of the ore is the same as the Goleta. 1). E. Jones, of Lundy, Superintendent.

Native Wonder and Mono Queen Claims (Quartz). —These properties were discovered the past year and have been only slightly developed. The Native Wonder is situated on the north side of a steep canon, west of Mono Lake, while the Mono Queen is opposite, on the south side of the cation. The Native Wonder runs nearly E. and W., and has been opened by a short drift showing a vein 18 in. in thickness. The Mono Queen is a blanket vein, and has been opened by a tunnel 70 ft. long. The ore is honeycombed, and is said to be high grade. E. C. Mattly, of Mono Lake, owner.

Spartan Mine (Quartz).—This mine lies S. of that part of the Sterling Company's mine which was formerly known as the Detroit Copper Mine. Two tunnels have been run to cross-cut the vein. The upper is 120 ft. long, of which 90 ft. is in mineralized vein matter. The other tunnel, 180 ft. below, has at present a length of 245 ft., and is being run through limestone. The vein matter is partly a mineralized limestone and partly a porphyry. M. R. Burns, of Lundy, owner.

Sterling (Detroit Copper). Mine (Quartz).—The property of the Sterling Company lies about 6 miles N.E. of Lundy. One claim lies north of the Goleta, and on the same ore body, and the other south of the Montecito. The claim on the north has been opened by a shaft 115 ft. deep. That on the south was formerly known as the Detroit Copper Mine, and was described in our VIIIth Report, pp. 364 to 365. In past years a large amount of work was done on this mine in an attempt to extract copper from an E. and W. vein. Sterling Mining Company, No.330 Pine Street, San Francisco, owners; D. E. Jones, of Lundy, Superintendent.

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