Eastern Mojave Vegetation Lunch in El Puerto de Santa Maria  


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  El Puerto de Santa Maria, Cadiz, Andalucia, Spain
Photograph taken September 25, 2005.

From the road, I would not have thought this would be the place to go for lunch, because the parking was a very sandy and rough dirt road, and the building was nondescript on the outside. But off the road, and inside the building, was a very nice open air restaurant. There were awnings and shades, so inside was very pleasant. No gazpacho here either, as I think the season for gazpacho has passed. I had the Pollo al Ajillo, this would be the Garlic Chicken. Turns out it was marinated in sherry (a local flavor) and deep fried in garlic. Very very tasty, but definitely not heart healthy. Cheryl had a swordfish filet. It also was tasty and moist, not dry like the swordfish steaks we sometimes get in the states. daughter had a fish-kebob, with a kind of whitefish. Nacho had a steak that looked pretty good, also.

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