Eastern Mojave Vegetation Cranberries along Croft Lake Road.  


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  Cranberry Bogs, Coos County, Oregon
Photograph taken 14 Sept 2009.

Cranberries are grown throughout the United States and Canada. Along the pacific coast, cranberries are grown in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia.

In 1915, one of the earliest cranberry bogs in the Bandon area was built on the east side of Muddy Lake by Henry Eden and Dr. Roland Leep. The spruce swamp was cleared by hand, and a steam donkey is connected to a haul back to obtain sand from dunes east of new River. These bogs were hand picked by local women who are hired each fall, and paid in vouchers that can be redeemed at several Bandon businesses.

In 1917, Joseph Stankeiwicz, a pioneer cranberry grower in the Croft lake area, crosses the McFarlin cranberry vine with wild vines from a marsh at new lake to create the Stankevich variety.

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