Eastern Mojave Vegetation Seals, sea lions, and sea elephants on Simpson Reef, off Cape Arago, Oregon  


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  Simpson Reef, Coos County, Oregon
Photograph taken 14 Sept 2009.

Simpson Reef/North Cove Cape Arago is a habitat refuge and priority rock/reef. It is part of the Cape Arago Headland Research Reserve.

Simpson Reef is a large seal and sealion haulouts and pupping areas (Steller sea lion, harbor seal, California sea lion, elephant seal); Oregonís largest, and among its richest rocky intertidal habitats; kelp beds with both Nereocystis and Macrocystis (giant kelp, the largest such bed in the state); rich subtidal reef habitat; three small seabird colony sites; use by brown pelican (threatened species), and a gray whale feeding area.

Species include typical intertidal invertebrates and algal species such as: Anthopleura xanthogrammica, Hemigrapsus oregonensis, Littorina sp., various algal species (Mastocarpus papillatus, Fucus sp., Ulva sp., encrusting red/brown algae, bull kelp, pink coralline algae), barnacles (Balanus sp. and Pollicipes polymerus), surfgrass, turban snails, large mussel beds (Mytilus sp.), Pisaster ochraceus, abundant purple urchins, limpets, harbor seals, California sea lions, Stellar sea lions, brown pelicans, and cormorants. Northern elephant seals also use the area as a haulout. One of the few confirmed sightings of a sea otter in Oregon in recent years was at Simpson Reef in 2004.

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