Eastern Mojave Vegetation Juniper singed in the lower branches.  


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  Hackberry Complex Fire, Lobo Point, Mojave National Preserve, San Bernardino, California
Photograph taken October 15, 2005.

In the valley of Lobo Point, there is an informal campground. This is the location that Merritt College camped for many years. There is an old, scarred Juniper here. It's been shot, sawed, axed, and had every other manner insult. My contribution has been to eat lunch here at least once in every trip to the eastern Mojave, and to sit in the shade while enjoying the view of Lobo Point. I also confess to saving up the saving up the melt water in the cooler, and draining it somewhere in the drip line of the Juniper.

After all the other insults, the Juniper was only singed on the lower branches by the Hackberry Complex fire, and it looks as though the tree may survive yet another insult.

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