Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 1047, Lupinus lepidus var. confertus  


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  Fabaceae Lupinus lepidus confertus
Photographed 29 April 2015.

Coll. No. 1047, 5 Oct 2013 (late in season!), characters observed while keying: Perennial herb, erect, to 50 cm., not woody except possibly at base; Leaf, basal and cauline, ±along stem, palmate compound, leaflets #±7, 11-27 mm. × 3-5 mm. wide, tips acuminate, hairy, more so abaxially than adaxially, petiole 30-60 mm.; Inflorescence, >leaves, whorls of mature inflorescence ±12; Bracts persistent; Calyx spur 0; Flowers, Banner, 10 mm., blue with white patch, back glabrous; Wing, 10 mm. including claw 2 mm., blue; Keel, ciliate distal half, blue, darkening distally.

Keys easily to Lupinus pratensis A. A. Heller var. eriostachyus C. P. Small in Taylor (2010). Keys easily to L. lepidus Douglas ex Lindl. var. confertus (Kellogg) C. P. Small in TJM2. The Plant List, which takes its names for Lupinus from ILDIS (International Legume Database & Information Service), elevates L. lepidus var. confertus to species rank as L. confertus Kellogg. The Plant List also submerges all of L. pratensis A. A. Heller, including var. eriostachyus C. P. Small, in synonomy with L. confertus Kellogg. The family Fabaceae is not published in FNANM (as of 4/27/2015).

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