Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 2172, Ipomopsis aggregata ssp. collina  


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  Polemoniaceae Ipomopsis aggregata collina
Photographed 24 January 2020.

Plants of Colorado

Ipomopsis aggregata (Pursh) V.E. Grant ssp. collina (Greene) Wilken & Allard.  Scarlet Gilia.

Little Scraggy Peak, Jefferson County, Colorado. Buffalo Creek Recreation Area, northeast slopes of Little Scraggy Peak, fairly close to Little Scraggy trailhead, 60 km. south of the GNIS location of Golden 39.3408N, 105.2607W. WGS 1984 Elev. 2410 m. Area generally disturbed by minerals prospecting, fuels reduction, and mountain biking recreation.

Collected by permit: Pike-Isabel National Forest, 2019, issued: Mar 8, 2019, to: Tom Schweich.

Tom Schweich 2172. 23-Jul-2019

Coll. No. 2172, 23 Jul 2019, characters observed: Perennial herb, 50-60 cm.; Stem, glandular, few long white hairs; Leaves, basal and cauline similar, 37 mm. × 24 mm. wide, pinnatifid with narrow segments, reduced above; Inflorescence, narrow thyrse; Pedicels, 1-2.5 mm.; Calyx, tube 5 mm. + lobes 1.5 mm., glandular, hyaline sinuses, tips spinulose; Corolla, salverform, tube 25 mm. × 1.8 mm. gradually expanding to 5 mm. wide, + lobes 5 mm., spreading; Stamens, some barely exserted.

Nearby (10 km.) collections of Ipomopsis aggregata are all subsp. collina and all by Dieter Wilkin (his #13548, #13600, and #14502). Vouchers are at CS and RM.

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