Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 273.1, Phacelia fremontii  


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  Boraginaceae Phacelia fremontii
Scanned 2 Jan 2014.

Coll. No. 273.1, 24 Apr 2001, characters observed: Annual, tap-rooted, to 12 cm., green; Stem, branched at base; Leaves, mostly basal, few cauline, alternate, deeply lobed; Inflorescence coiled; Calyx, sinus appendages 0; Sepals 5, none cordate; Flowers open, bisexual; Perianth in 2 or more whorls, parts 5; Corolla radial, deciduous in fruit; Petals fused 9 mm. + free 2 mm. = 11 mm., lobes blue; Stamens, #=corolla lobes, inserted, alternate, 5 mm.; Filaments, free, glabrous; Ovary superior, entire, hairy distally; Pistil 1; Style 1, 3 mm., hairy proximally; Stigma, 2-lobed; Seeds, # unknown (s/b 10-18), surface unknown (s/b furrowed).

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