Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 281, Plantago patagonica  


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  Plantaginaceae Plantago patagonica
Scanned 14 Jan 2014.

Coll. No. 281, 24 April 2001, characters observed: Annual, herb, to 10 cm., drying light green; Leaves, basal rosette, 55 mm. × 2.5 mm., narrowly oblanceolate, entire; Peduncle, 55 mm., not grooved, hairs ascending (not spreading), diameter >> than leaf hairs, Inflorescence, scapose, 10-12, in single terminal spikes, axis not visible between flowers; Bract, linear, 1-2 × calyx, exserted; Flower, bisexual, Corolla, lobes 1.8 mm., 1 erect, 3 spreading, tube glabrous (should be hairy); Stamens, 4, inserted; Style 1.2 mm.; Fruit, 2.5 mm Seeds 2, 1.4 mm., inner side deep concave (much easier to dissect fruit and examine seeds when dry, rather than when wetted with Pohl's solution).

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