Eastern Mojave Vegetation Coll. No. 444, Gilia cana  


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  Polemoniaceae Gilia cana
Scanned 11 January 2013.

Coll. No. 444, keyed 11 Jan 2013, characters observed: Annual from stout tap root, green, photosynthetic; Leaves alternate, largest 1 cm. wide, oblanceolate, pinnate-divided; Inflorescence open, not coiled, not unrolling, parts in 5s; Pedicels 1-3 mm., axillary pedicels > calyx; Calyx lobes 5, 3 mm., tips pointed but not bristly, lobes fused by thin translucent membrane; Corolla tube (purple) 6 mm., + throat (yellow, wider near mouth) 3 mm. + lobes (5, equal, truncate acuminate) 5 mm = 14 mm.; Ovary 1, entire, style clearly attached to top; Stigmas 3; Stamens 5, alternate, = corolla lobes, all fertile; Filaments free, fused to corolla at base of lobes; Seeds not gelatinous when wet (per Aliciella). must be gelatinous when wet and I did not recognize it.

Collection made near Winters Pass, Mesquite Mountains, San Bernardino County, CA.

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