Eastern Mojave Vegetation Collection No. 619, Astragalus lentiginosus var. floribundus  


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  Fabaceae Astragalus lentiginosus floribundus
Scanned 27 Sep 2011. Collection locality is Adobe Hills Spillway, Mono County, California.

Coll. No. 619, 29 Jun 2013, characters observed: Perennial subshrub of Great Basin sagebrush desert (Mono Lake basin is in nSNE); Hairs basifixed, simple; Root crown, at ground surface; Leaves, 1-pinnate, odd-pinnate, main axis extending as a leaflet; Leaflets >> 7, typically 23, mid leaflets 5 mm. × 2.2 mm. wide, spaced 2 mm., tip rounded, sparsely hairy, green (not ashy-gray or silvery), both surfaces ±equal in appearance; Stipules, 3 mm., not connate, sheaths 0; Calyx conspicuous, base ±symmetric; Sepals, fused 3.5 mm. + free 2 mm.; Flowers, bilateral, 18-20 in a spike, not head-like; Corolla conspicuous; Petals ochroleucus (not pink-purple); Banner 8 mm. when dry; Wings 8 mm.; Keel 6 mm.; Stamens, 9 fused, 1 free; Style tip and stigma glabrous; Fruit, 12 mm. long, stipe 0, glabrous, 2-chambered; Seeds, several.

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